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The Art of Decorating with Mirrors: Transforming Spaces with Reflective Elegance

Mirrors, those captivating elements of interior design, have enchanted homeowners and designers for centuries. Their ability to amplify light, create the illusion of space, and add a touch of elegance makes them a staple in any sophisticated decor. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, we’ve seen firsthand how mirrors can transform a room from mundane to magnificent. Today, […]

Unveiling the Best Window Styles for Your Living Room

Welcome to the heart of your home—the living room, where laughter is shared, memories are made, and stories unfold. As you curate the perfect ambiance for this cherished space, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right windows for living room. Windows not only invite natural light and fresh air into your living room but […]

Transforming Your Balcony or Patio: Unlocking Outdoor Potential

Welcome to the realm of outdoor living—where your balcony or patio isn’t just a neglected space, but a canvas waiting to be transformed into your personal oasis. Whether you’re sipping morning coffee, hosting intimate gatherings, or simply unwinding after a long day, your outdoor sanctuary has the power to elevate your lifestyle and enhance your […]

Wolfe-Rizor Interiors: Celebrating Design Excellence and Community Inspiration

At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news: Feedspot has spotlighted us as one of the Top 45 Florida Interior Design Blogs and Websites! This recognition isn’t just an accolade, it’s a celebration of our passion, creativity, and the beautiful spaces we’ve had the privilege to transform. Each project we undertake is a […]

Unleash Your Productivity: Innovative Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Welcome to your new corner of productivity—the home office! As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, creating a functional and inspiring workspace within the confines of small living spaces has never been more important. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, a leading Orlando interior design firm with over 26 years of experience, we understand the value of a well-designed […]

Designing Your Entryway: Elevate Your Home’s First Impression

Often overlooked, the entryway acts as the heart of your home. This space holds immense potential to set the tone for the rest of your interior design. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression right from the moment you step through the door. With our expertise in interior design, let’s […]

Stylish Kitchen Counter Decor: Turning Your Space into a Haven

Your kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it’s the heart of your home, where cherished moments and shared meals come to life. Imagine a kitchen that not only functions flawlessly but also radiates style and personality. That’s the magic of kitchen counter decor – the art of transforming a practical space into […]

Elevate Your Living Space: Unleash the Magic of Furniture Arrangement!

Your living room is more than just four walls; it’s a canvas where you paint the stories of your life, a stage for your laughter, and a sanctuary to recharge. But have you unlocked its full potential? The arrangement of your furniture holds the key to transforming your living space into a captivating haven. In […]

The Secret to a Stunning Gallery Wall: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

A gallery wall isn’t just an arrangement of framed artworks; it’s a visual symphony that can transform your space into a captivating storybook. Imagine walking into a room where every glance, every corner, tells a tale. That’s the magic of a well-curated gallery wall. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, where we’re known for crafting exceptional interior designs, […]

Enhance Your Bedroom Design: Add a Bench at the End of Your Bed

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s your sanctuary, your haven. Every aspect of its design should reflect your style, taste, and comfort. One often-overlooked element that can elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic and functionality is a bench at the end of your bed. In this article, we’ll delve into the many […]

Cream Kitchen Cabinets: A Timeless Elegance for Your Home

Imagine walking into your kitchen and being greeted by an aura of timeless elegance and warmth. This is the magic of cream kitchen cabinets – a design choice that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate homeowners with its enduring appeal. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, where we specialize in creating interior spaces that […]

Illuminating Your Space: Island Lighting Ideas for a Captivating Kitchen

Picture this: a kitchen bathed in warm, inviting light, where the central island becomes the heart of your home. This is the magic of thoughtfully chosen island lighting. At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, where we specialize in crafting residential interiors that combine elegance and functionality, we understand the pivotal role lighting plays in creating the perfect kitchen […]

Tips on Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom

Finding the Perfect Spot: Tips on Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom   At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, we understand the importance of creating spaces that reflect your personality while providing the comfort and aesthetics you desire. With 26 years of experience, we specialize in residential interiors, including bedroom design. Let us help you find […]

Ways to Decorate the Window Over Your Kitchen Sink

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Charm: Creative Ideas for Decorating the Window Over Your Sink The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, a place where delicious meals are prepared and memorable moments are shared. And if your kitchen has a window over the sink, you have a unique opportunity to enhance not only its […]

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living

Step into the enchanting universe of Wolfe-Rizor, where the lines between indoor luxury and outdoor serenity effortlessly meld to form unified living paradises. With years of expertise we’ve elevated homes, gardens, and open-air spaces from mere aesthetic showpieces to functional continuations of your interior world. Our ambition transcends mere comfort; we aim to forge an […]

Bedroom Essentials: Creating Your Personal Sanctuary

Bedroom design is one of the most important parts of interior design. Knowing how to structure and design your bedroom is a skill we use every day as interior designers in Winter Park. When it comes to designing and decorating your bedroom, it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s about creating a space where you can […]

Light and Airy Rooms: The Art of Creating Bright and Inviting Spaces

Imagine stepping into a room that instantly uplifts your spirits. The soft glow of natural light, the gentle play of colors, and the refreshing feeling of open space—it’s the magic of a light and airy room. Whether you’re decorating a living room, a lounge, or any space in your home, the concept of light and […]

Elevate Your Living Room: Stunning Ceiling Ideas

At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, we understand that the perfect living room ceiling is an essential part of your home’s design. Our confident and competent design principals specialize in residential interiors, including estate-size homes, family homes, vacation homes, and condominiums. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create a living room that truly reflects […]

How to Pick the Perfect Rug Size for Your Living Room

Picture this: You’ve just moved into a beautiful new home, or maybe you’re looking to revitalize your existing living room space. The furniture is set, the walls adorned with art, but there’s something missing—a rug! A well-chosen rug can tie a room together, adding warmth, texture, and personality. However, choosing the right size rug can […]

Elevate Your Home Decor with Expert Shelf Styling Tips

When it comes to home decor, it’s the little details that can make a big impact. Wolfe-Rizor Interiors emphasizes the crucial role of small details in home decor. One often overlooked but incredibly versatile element of interior design is shelf styling. Whether you have open shelving in your kitchen, built-in bookshelves in your living room, […]

Unlocking Your Space’s Potential: Decorating Ideas for Living Room Walls

Like an untouched canvas, a blank wall offers boundless possibilities for personalization and creative expression. In the realm of interior design, especially when it comes to home decorating ideas for living room walls, these spaces become focal points, setting the tone for the rest of the room. Let’s delve into some innovative ways to transform […]

Creating a Relaxing and Inviting Bedroom: Tips and Ideas from Interior Designer

Ok no fluff, just the right information on exactly how to create a relaxing and inviting bedroom in just a few easy steps. After all, your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep: it’s your sanctuary!  In this post, we’ll share some tips and ideas from interior designers (like us and our closest […]

How to Incorporate Florida’s Natural Beauty into Your Orlando Home Design

Wolfe-Rizor Interiors has been the premier interior designer in Winter Park for more than 25 years. And in all that time, we have come to understand the importance of incorporating nature into our living spaces. What’s more Floridian than blurring the line between nature and interior design? Florida’s natural beauty is truly unparalleled, boasting an […]

How to Pick The Best Coffee Table For Your Room

When it comes to designing your living room, the coffee table is a crucial element that can make or break the space’s overall aesthetic. Not only is your coffee table a functional piece of furniture for holding drinks, snacks, and books, but it can also add style and personality to your room. It says a […]

How to Structure Your Living Room Like an Interior Designer

The living room is a multi-functional space that is often the heart of the home and a reflection of the owner’s style. For these reasons, it is often considered the most important room in the house. And we would whole-heartedly agree! Living room design is one of the most important parts of interior design. Knowing […]

Discover the Top Interior Design Styles of the Moment

There are many different interior design styles to choose from, and the popularity of each style can vary depending on the location and current trends. However, here are some of the most popular interior design styles that are currently in demand: Minimalist Minimalist interior design is a popular choice for those who appreciate a clean, […]

What’s The Difference Between Modern vs Contemporary Interior Design Styles?

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, there are many different styles to choose from. Two of the most popular interior styles today are Modern and Contemporary. But the words themselves sounds like they are describing the same thing. Aren’t modern and contemporary just synonyms? The truth is, these two interior design […]

Top 3 Interior Design Trends Coming in 2023

It’s already 2023… we know this is a cliche and we know you’ve probably heard it a million times, but where is the time going? We swore that we just wrote a design trend blog a year ago and the time has already come! Who has their foot on the gas and can we slow […]

The Best Unique Spare Bedroom Ideas

The Spring Has Cleaning, The Fall Should Have Reorganizing. We said it so what? In the Spring time we all dedicate ourselves to Spring Cleaning, and in the Fall we should dedicate ourselves to reorganizing. We have officially announced Autumn Organizing. And our first order of business is to change up our spare bedroom. So […]

Wall Paneling Ideas for Traditional and Modern Spaces

Elevate a Room with a Statement Wall   While some people still equate wall paneling with out-of-date style options, today’s wall panel ideas bring this home design element into the world once again. It has come a long way since the styles of yesteryear, and you may be surprised at all the amazing choices available […]

Fall Home Decor Just in Time for Cozy Season 2022

Decorate for Cozy Season As the weather cools and the leaves start to change color, it is time for a fall home decor makeover. Whether you want to add a few subtle seasonal touches or go all out with an autumn-inspired decorating scheme, these fall decor ideas will add a touch of coziness and comfort […]

Is Lacquer Furniture Still In Style? Absolutely!

The technique of using lacquer has been around for centuries. The smooth, glossy surface has been applied to trinket boxes, vases, and furniture, among other things. While interior design trends come and go, lacquer furniture is still popular in the modern age. But how did it manage to stand the test of time? The lacquered […]

Sophisticated Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Perfect for Summer Soirees

Summer is here and that means fun get-togethers with family and friends. Whether it is a small gathering with a few close friends or a big BBQ for lots of people, these outdoor kitchen ideas will help you and your interior designers in Winter Park figure out the perfect design. Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen […]

The Mystery and Elegance of Hidden Doors in Interior Design

A door may be a basic element in your home as it plays an essential role in regard to the privacy of your home. But a door can be more than just a utilitarian feature; it has the potential for more unique applications, such as hidden doors for a seamless, elegant design in a space. […]

3 Florida Room Ideas Based on Different Sunroom Design

A sunroom, or a Florida room as it’s known in the Sunshine State, is a place where you can spend your afternoons and relax without the disturbance of the natural elements…like bugs. The sound of pouring rain in the spring can be the perfect soothing noise. Besides the monetary value it adds to your home, […]

Nancy Meyers Kitchen Inspiration

No home is complete without a kitchen. It is the most important part of the home where the magic of preparing family meals happens. It is where bonding, sharing, and communication happen. Nothing embodies that more than a Nancy Meyers kitchen, the ones famously featured in her movies. Whether you are working with new construction […]

Black and White Interior Design: How To Be Bold With This Classic Combo

For most people, the thought of a black and white interior design combo in a house could mean boring, predictable, or cold. But if done properly and with the help of luxury interior designers in Winter Park, this simple combo can have a huge impact on the look of your home. Black and White Interior […]

Incorporating Built-In Bookshelves: An Elegant Storage Solution

Updating the look of a specific room in your home can be a fun yet challenging task. Sure there are a lot of ideas, themes, and decor to choose from but picking the right one is difficult. Built-in elements can add character to any home from a 1920s bungalow to a 1990s cookie-cutter home. If […]

3 Interior Design Ideas for Your Condo in Florida

The demand for condo units is expected as more people are projected to live in urban cities due to their proximity to commercial centers, business districts, cultural variety, and other opportunities. Transform your ordinary four-wall property into that home you’ve always dreamed of. There are numerous interior design ideas for your condo in Florida to […]

Interior Design Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Do interior design time machines exist? If they do, they probably look great, let’s be honest. Sometimes we wish we could go back and learn a few interior design tricks a little sooner.  Although time is the best teacher, sometimes, it’s good to just fast forward to the real tips that only interior designers know.  […]

The Resurgence of Wallpaper: From Closets to Ceilings, Finding Fresh Ways to Use Wallpaper

Decorating improves the aesthetics of a specific space, making it more beautiful and functional. In the last several years, there’s been a resurgence of wallpaper to make things more exciting. These days, there are countless wallpaper patterns from classic to modern designs and everything in between. Selections range from bold graphics and patterns to nature-inspired […]

How Interior Design Improves Daily Life

Just like fashion, the environment around us influences our mood, attitude, emotions, and energy levels while expressing our personality. Interior design improves daily life by making you feel good in a space not only because the aesthetics are beautiful but through strategic choices that create the appropriate environment for the function of a space. Interior […]

From Agrihood to Barkitecture: Interior Design Is Speaking a New Language

Because of the pandemic, a lot of us have started to appreciate the importance of a well-designed home.  In fact, interior design is one of only a few industries that have benefited from all those lockdowns because most homeowners have gained interest in creating more beautiful and functional spaces where they can truly live and […]

The Gilded Age: HBO’s New Show Is Giving Us a Peek Into 19th-Century Interior Design

If you’re a fan of good drama set in the most lavish backdrops, then you’ve probably been following The Gilded Age, HBO’s newest period drama that premiered on January 24. Created by Fitzrovia and Downtown Abbey genius Julian Fellowes, this story follows the lives of different characters across high society in New York during the […]

Wolfe-Rizor Interiors Was Featured on Redfin!

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of working with Redfin, a Real Estate company working with homeowners from all over the U.S.  Our interior design firm was featured in their article! You can read the article about interior design trends here, and let us know what you think! Our Message Simply put, we believe […]

New Interior Design Trends for 2022

The start of a new year is an opportunity to update your personal spaces with the home interior design trends of 2022. The last two years made everyone pause to think about how their home was now being used, how different spaces served multiple purposes, so it’s about time for a refresh and a fresh […]

Ten Desk Essentials to Fuel Productivity and Creativity

From commercial office spaces to a home office or a multi-purpose room for those who work from home, a professional interior designer takes into account the function(s) of a room during the concept development phase of the project in order to design a productive space. Beyond the style and flow of your office, don’t forget […]

Best Colors to Paint a Bathroom

Paint is, perhaps, the simplest, most cost-effective way to make the biggest impact and transform a space. Paint has the power to make a room feel larger, brighter, or cozier. Finding colors to paint a bathroom might not be a priority when choosing interior paint colors, but it can truly turn it into a space […]

What to Expect When You Buy Furniture During the Current Supply Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global supply shortage as well as shipping delays. At the beginning of the pandemic, masks, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and even sanitary wipes were hard to find as doctors and scientists, as well as organizations like the CDC and WHO, stressed the importance of hygiene to mitigate […]

2021 Thanksgiving Home Decor Trends

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the fall harvest season as well as an opportunity to express your gratitude for everything that you have as well as the relationships you value. It’s one of the few holidays that focuses more on spending time together–both preparing for and actually enjoying a meal–than gifts, parties, and spectacle. That […]

How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

The living room is arguably an essential part of the house. It is where families spend a considerable amount of time bonding. It is also the area you entertain your loved ones and guests. Being the receiving area for visitors, the living room should be decorated with things homeowners love. In addition, the space shall […]

How to Create a Stylish and Kid Friendly Room

Designing and decorating a room whether a new one or an upgrade brings out the inner child in us. It can be a fun and exciting experience, even for interior decorators like us,  but a challenging one, too. Embarking on this journey is an opportunity to come up with a design that is stylish and […]

Is the Concept of an Open Floorplan Dead?

Open-concept homes aren’t new; by the 1990s, it even became the standard for most new construction for a while, but ever since the pandemic lockdowns forced people to stay at home and reevaluate their living spaces, is the open floorplan dead? During the lockdown, most people had to contend with work, school, fitness, hobbies, a […]

Decorate Your Home with Fall Colors

As the leaves change and fall to the ground, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the season of harvest – autumn. While this time of the year is brief, its impact can be felt in the way people embrace it. Whether you live in an area that exhibits the seasons wonderfully or not, […]

How to Style a Coffee Table

A coffee table is central in a living room and, as such, is a great opportunity to demonstrate how both form and function can work together in a space. While the internet offers a plethora of coffee table inspiration, it can be difficult to narrow down which aesthetic suits your taste. As a professional interior […]

Interior Design Tips for New Homeowners

Moving into your new home is exciting, especially as a first-time homeowner. Whether you are moving with your family or living on your own, the experience can be rewarding and magical. Naturally, you have dreamed about how to decorate and make it cozy. Our interior designers in Orlando have rounded up some interior design tips […]

How To Prepare a Home for An Open House

Do you want your home to be noticed by buyers? With so many properties on the market, most buyers find it difficult to choose. A serious buyer sees multiple properties in a day and may forget about your listing due to the myriad of options. If you want your home to sell quickly, you have […]

Top 5 Interior Design Books To Read This Year

If you are fond of redecorating, you should keep abreast with the latest interior design trends you can integrate into your own home. There are countless video tutorials to watch and interior design books to read this year that can help a lot. Short of consulting an interior design firm in Orlando, this will improve […]

How To Decorate A Living Room With A Monochromatic Color Palette

One of the first things to do before you start decorating a space is to determine what colors to incorporate as this informs other design choices you’ll have to make throughout the process. While most people would choose multiple different colors, you can also decorate a living room with a monochromatic color palette. Redecorating your […]

Prep Your Home With These Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is right around the corner once again and that only means one thing, you have to get your home ready for that much-anticipated Easter dinner. You’ve hosted many of these dinners over the years, but this time, you want to up your game and wowing your guests with great food and of course, beautiful […]

2021 Spring Design Trends

After a year rife with uncertainty, frustration, and countless struggles, 2021 represents the hope of better times ahead. As such, it’s a great opportunity to embrace some of the spring interior design trends in 2021 to refresh the spaces in your home with the help of an interior designer in Orlando.  With the pandemic impacting […]

Celebrate Passover Seder With These Table Decor Ideas

Passover is one of the oldest and most significant holidays for the Jewish community as it marks the departure of the Israelites from ancient Egypt. Today, Passover is the chance to gather family and friends for an enjoyable dinner party.    Table Decor Tips for Passover Our interior designers in Orlando share a few ways […]

Tips on Choosing a Color Palette for Your Home

Color is the easiest way to transform the spaces in your home. Choosing a color palette for specific rooms is always fun but it can also be challenging when there are countless options to choose from.  Despite the challenge, nothing is more satisfying than finding a color scheme that speaks to you and your style. […]

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer creates functional yet aesthetically appealing spaces according to the specific needs of clients, transforming a room with a selection of fundamental items as well as the decor to serve the purpose of the room and make it look beautiful. At the same time, part of an interior designer’s job is to adhere […]

Finding the Best Dining Room Furniture for Your Space

A dining room isn’t just a place to sit and eat; it’s where people gather to have conversations, laugh, bond over a good meal and a glass of wine. As with any space in your home, particularly one where you likely entertain guests, ambiance is everything, and sometimes you might just need a bit of […]

3 Trending Interior Design Styles for 2021

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it is to appreciate our homes more than ever. So this year, embarking on a home makeover has become more of a priority because everyone needs a space to live, work, entertain, and relax as people are encouraged to stay home amidst the global pandemic.  If you’re […]

Top 3 Color Trends in 2021 – What Interior Designers Are Doing

2020 may have been a tough year for all of us, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop looking forward to a more colorful year ahead. Color is going to be more important to interior designs than furniture in the coming yers. Why? Because minimalism is taking over and interior designers will be using […]

Top 4 Interior Design Trends for the Roaring 20s

We can all speculate as to how COVID-19 has changed interior design, but the truth is, we are just getting into the real effects now. All interior design for new construction will be brought with the challenges of creating modern spaces in a post-pandemic world. The year 2020 has been a long and rough ride, […]

5 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner this Year

Oh boy. How are we going to decorate for Thanksgiving this year? I mean, just saying that 2020 was a disastrous year is a cliche and understatement all-in-one. How on earth are we supped to get together and be thankful after a year with events that mix reality T.V., Hollywood blockbuster movies and the lasted […]

7 Unique Places to Buy Home Décor & Accessories

This article is for the decorator or homeowner who likes the completely unique. The person who wants to find unique places to buy home décor, accessories, and home goods that no one else has and that they can show off to guests who will be dying to know where they got that vase! Yes, you […]

Wall Décor Tips & Ideas

Wall decor is usually not a priority when decorating a house. Most people focus on the ground up: furniture, counters, shelves and then wall décor. This is an ‘okay approach’ to home decorating but a good interior designer doesn’t neglect the walls and keeps the walls in mind from the very start! One of the […]

Lost In Translation

Earlier this year, we offered our tips for bringing travel inspiration into your home, without making it look like an Olive Garden. Since we’ve had such a great response to these ideas, we’d love to share our tips for capturing things that inspire us when traveling abroad. Summer is the time when so many families […]

Staging & Interior Design Services for Real Estate Agents

Sales is very much a game of perception and perspective, and perhaps the most important part of that equation is the art of the impression. When you hire an interior designer to stage a home you are hiring a partner with oodles of both. Interior designers who provide home staging services are artists who can […]

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

  Choosing better interior paint colors is essential when you are looking to give your home a breath of fresh air or make your house more comfortable whether you plan to sell or not. Sometimes a new coat of fresh paint can really make a difference in your home. If you have been living with […]

7 Interior Design Trends for Modern Home Everyone Needs to Read

Interior design trends can transform every modern home these days into something of great value in the market and also a home that will turn heads. A place where guests want to be and a place you never want to leave! If you are in the real estate business, perhaps this can get you ahead […]

5 Quick Decorating Tips for Fall 2020

This may be the first time in history so many people in so many countries all over the world have been stuck in their homes for such a long time. This pandemic has given us all a strange new outlook on life. In fact, Americans have become more focused than ever on the interior design […]

How to Coordinate The Colors in a Room Perfectly

Perhaps it’s one of the biggest challenges for anyone decorating a room: color coordination. Sure, it’s easy to pick out a favorite color or two, but when it comes to putting them together to create a cohesive space, your idea of what works might not be what’s best for your room. Here’s how the best […]

5 Interior Design Secrets to Help Sell Your Home Quickly

You thought it was easy. You just take photos of your home, list it on Zillow and potential buyers would just start coming in. But as you probably know by now, selling a home requires more than that. And ask any of the many interior designers in Winter Park and they’ll tell you that selling your […]

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Shares Six Decorating Tips for Your Home

If you’ve seen Architectural Digest’s features of the homes of the Kardashian sisters and Tommy Hilfiger, there is only one man behind those stunning interiors: Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The English interior designer, author and TV personality is one of the best in the world with a long list of A-list clients including Kourtney and Khloe […]

What to Look For in an Interior Designer | Check This 5 Things Off the List!

Interior designers naturally draw upon their knowledge of aesthetics to work on both commercial and residential settings and enhance the look of a space. Most interior designers in Winter Park specialize in design to meet the needs of the clients or to attract a niche market. Winter Park has a style, that speaks to our […]

Design The Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining!

So you have this perfect luxury home and you want to show it off. The only problem is that your kitchen is just not exactly how you want it. There are a few awkward areas and it just doesn’t lend itself to the kind off entertaining you prefer. Perhaps it is time to redesign your […]

Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you’re confined at home, you’re probably seeing this as the perfect time to do some tweaks with your interiors to kill the boredom and hopefully, make your space look and feel better. But before you start repainting or tearing down walls, make sure to avoid these interior design mistakes that could ruin your […]

How COVID-19 Has Redefined the Future of Interior Design

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to isolate in our homes. Amidst this “new normal,” we are also starting to realize how our interior space effects the way we function and even feel while living in our home. According to experts, the COVID-19 pandemic is set to re-define interior design in a lot of ways. […]

5 Decorating Ideas to Create An Incredible Temporary Home Office

Well, 2020 has started out to be quite an interesting year. Many of our clients, our friends and our family are working from home. And they are working in temporary home offices or home offices that desperately need an update. I mean admit it, you haven’t updated your home office in ages and now that […]

How to Decorate Your Living Room in 5 Simple Steps

Before you get to the meat potatoes of this article, how to decorate your living room, picture this: you’ve had a long day, you’re tired and you’re ready to sit back with a glass of your favorite red in the perfect living room. What does it looks like? Where are you picking up your feet? […]

5 Trends to Define Interior Design This 2020

New year, new design trends—that’s how it’s always been in interior design. But 2020 is a bit different. This year marks a new decade and a new revolution in the industry, one that involves bolder choices, surprises and a lot of unexpected trends that will define the future of interior design. So let’s get into […]

The 5 Kitchen Decorating Tips You Need for 2020

You’ve always dreamed of a beautiful kitchen and this time, you’re ready to make that dream come true. But as you start planning, you also begin to feel the pressure of doing things right so you can achieve your goal for your kitchen. We’ve talked about this before. Our post about 2019 kitchen design was […]

Luxury Interior Designs in Orlando

Wolfe-Rizor is an interior design firm located in the heart of Orlando Florida in Winter Park. We are more than an Orlando interior designer; we are a mother daughter team with over 20 years of experience. We have worked with families in the area for decades to make each individual vision come to life and […]

Julia Morgan: Honoring the First Licensed Female Architect & Pioneer

Wolfe-Rizor is a family owned and operated interior design firm. We are a mother and daughter team. We are family, we are entrepreneurs, we are women. In honor of International Women’s Day, we are spotlighting Julia Morgan, a pioneer in our field. What does the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake and Julia Morgan have in […]

7 Modern Kitchen Décor Tips for 2019 from a Luxury Interior Designer

It’s 2019 and the room in the house that’s getting the most attention is the kitchen. Interior designers find themselves working on kitchen more often than any other room in the house. It’s the one room that needs a makeover more frequently and kitchen design trends change far too quickly to keep pace. With that […]

Wolfe-Rizor Featured on Houzz

We are thrilled, flattered and just plain happy to announce that Wolfe-Rizor was recently featured in Houzz by Staff writer Jeanne Taylor. One of our images was used to illustrate the optimal use of space to create a home office. We are so happy to have had an added influence on the interior design industry […]

3 Tips to Decorate A Master Bedroom & Make it Beautiful

Why choose to decorate a master bedroom and make it sensational? Other than the pure joy of it, well you could also choose to transform your master bedroom because of the positive affect that the process will have on you! A great philosopher once said that the key to happiness is to make one room […]

Top 11 Interior Design Secrets To Transform Your Home

For everything else, consider an interior design firm in Winter Park if you want to ensure your home is absolutely perfect. Tip 1 – When in Doubt Try Texture Texture is a common interior design secret used to make a dull room feel more cozy or filled, and ultimately more interesting. The easiest and most […]

2019 Interior Design New Year’s Resolutions – Simple, Quick, Effective

We don’t want to bore you with 2019 interior design new year’s resolutions so we’re keeping it short at just 4. This time of year is all about change. It’s always new year, new me! And to be honest, we love it. The new year is filled with so much possibility and motivation and just […]

2019 Interior Design Trends – What Designers Are Doing This Year

You don’t have to be an experienced interior designer in Winter Park, or some Manhattan decorator working for the rich and famous to learn benefit from the latest 2019 interior design trends. With just a few simple changes here or there, you can take advantage of some of these fantastic design trends that will be […]

2019 Interior Design Tip: Coffee Table Décor – Board Games Will Replace Books & More

House Beautiful, a magazine that we have been featured in, a magazine that we highly respect, has said they believe that luxury wooden board games are going to become the new coffee table books1. And you know what- we like the idea! If there’s one thing that interior designers in Winter Park, FL must keep […]

What a Couch Says About a Room – Furniture Selection Tips

Some interior designers in Winter Park will design an entire room, or even an entire home around a couch. They’ll use it as their center stage, the piece that everything else will be tied to in order to create a desired look. There’s a lot to say about that. You could assume that this is […]

New American Barn Style: How Shell Homes Stand Out

We’ve all seen them- the suburbs where every home looks the same. You might even wonder how anyone could tell their home apart without the number on their mailbox. In fact, interior designers might be the only way to set them apart. Though these types of communities continue to exist, they’ve changed to fit the […]

Interior Design Concept Development

What is an Interior Design Concept? An interior design concept is the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon. It exists as an idea first and is brought to reality through careful planning. At its best, an interior design concept is a visual theme that evokes a specific mood by strategically using […]

Interior Design in Winter Park

Our homes are an extension of ourselves – where we create memories, where we host parties, where we celebrate our most important holidays. The way we decorate our home says a lot about who we are. In fact, it’s been proven that home décor and interior design affects our mood and our relationships with family […]

An Interview with Hattie Wolfe. Part 1: How it all Began

This month, we have a very special treat for you! We sat down with a Winter Park legend, Wolfe-Rizor principal Hattie Wolfe. Back in the 1960’s she owned the Hattie’s clothing stores in Orlando and Winter Park before joining her daughter Abby Rizor to found Wolfe-Rizor Interiors. Q: So, how did you end up as […]

The Hostess with the Mostest:  6 Elements of a Successful Dinner Party

So often clients will say they would love to throw a dinner party but don’t know where to begin. Dinner parties have always been a common occurrence in my life as far back as I can remember. Whether celebrating a birthday, Thanksgiving, or just a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Wolfe and Rizor families love to gather with friends […]

The Latest from Wolfe-Rizor… A Winter Park Spec Home Success

We always enjoy partnering with local builders to create spec homes. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s when a builder buys a piece of land and designs and builds a home without a buyer, then markets the home for sale. Our longtime partner Builder Darryl Hall with Michael Charles Homes retained our services to […]

Save your Summer Memories: Elegant Ways to Display Family Photos

We hope you had a summer full of travel, adventure, sunshine and happy times spent with family. Now that the kids are back in school, you might have a bit more free time to focus on design projects at home. It’s a great time to think about preserving and displaying memories to carry the summertime […]

Conversation Pieces, Volume Two

The dialogue continues between Abigail Rizor and her longtime client Betsy Pokorny, at the Winter Park home that they recently collaborated in creating. After fifteen years together, they tend to finish one another’s sentences, and their conversation reveals a lot about how the Wolfe-Rizor aesthetic and design process has evolved over time. Q:  Well, I […]

Conversation Pieces, Volume One

We sat down with Betsy Pokorny, a longtime client of Wolfe-Rizor, and Abby Rizor to talk about their ongoing partnership. Betsy and Abby have created three homes together over the last fifteen years. Betsy’s needs have changed- from working around small children to now a house full of teenagers, and styles have changed, but the […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? All About Bringing Furniture Along When Building New

We all have those treasured pieces, whether they were inherited, purchased on a special trip, or just imbued with meaning from many years of memories. You know, those things that just make you happy when you see them, that you hope will always be a part of your life. For our long-term clients Betsy and […]

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Maybe?

“In an age when everyone is striving for authenticity, is being real always the best way to go? Not necessarily when it comes to renovation.” -Abigail Rizor, Principal, Wolfe-Rizor Interiors We often have the pleasure of working with clients to renovate historic homes in Florida communities like Winter Park and downtown Orlando. The architectural details […]

The Great Outdoors

One of the great privileges of living in Florida is our ability to enjoy outdoor spaces all year round. When our clients commission us to design their homes, we always integrate the indoors and outdoors to make the environment flow. Inside, it begins with maximizing views, keeping the window treatments minimal and not blocking windows […]

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is Almost Here… Our Favorite Time of Year!

Only two weeks until the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival! The Winter Park Art Festival has always been a huge deal to the Wolfe Family. Growing up here, we always looked so forward to the event. Back in the day they used to have things like custom made leather sandals and funnel cakes, but today it has turned into a nationally acclaimed art event.

How to Infuse Inspiration from Travel into your Home…Without Turning it into an Olive Garden!

Overseas travel informs our design aesthetic here at Wolfe-Rizor, and we love incorporating one-of-a-kind treasures that our clients bring back from their journeys. A bold painting purchased from a street artist in Montmartre, a steel sculpture from an Athens flea market, an embroidered tapestry from Marrakesh… bringing these into the home is a perfect way to remember an amazing trip and to add unique flavor to your environment.

Romance is in the Air: 4 Ways To Create Space for Romance in your Home

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been giving some thought to making a special place in our home as a couple’s getaway. There are the classic Valentine’s Day décor ideas like covering the ceiling with balloons or scattering red rose petals on the floor, and a quick Pinterest search yields lots of cheesy, […]

Stop and Smell the Roses

Take a look at interior design photos in magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, and anywhere else you draw inspiration and you’ll notice one thing that pretty much every image has in common: fresh florals. As far as Wolfe-Rizor is concerned, nothing finishes off a space like fresh flowers…whether it’s cut flowers from a local grocery store tossed in […]

Stacking Logs for a Welcoming Hearth

A fireplace. Nothing creates a feeling of home, offers a perfect focal point, and draws the family together like a crackling fire. Even though we live in Florida, where we don’t usually need them for warmth, our design clients often incorporate fireplaces in their homes. We love working with families to enhance the hearth of their […]

Creating a Timeless Thanksgiving

In the Wolfe-Rizor household, Thanksgiving holds a lot of memories. Marking a time for traditions and family, this is their favorite holiday of the year. For decades, they have hosted dozens of their closest friends and family, with traditions to accompany the festivities. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect […]

Custom WRI Light Fixtures

Nothing creates more ambiance than a dramatic chandelier. Not only does an impressive light fixture serve as task lighting but it also builds an atmosphere and mood within a setting. Custom made and crafted for a Florida river house, this particular chandelier is one of the many pieces we’ve designed for our clients to fit […]

Finds in Uncommon Places

Great ‘finds’ can make any room. Known for her sharp wit and her fabulous stories, Hattie Wolfe describes a beautiful ‘find’ she found in an unusual spot. “We were walking down the street in Paris and were intrigued by a unique window display of a butcher shop. Interested in a paper mache horse head that […]


Design is changing and so are we! Over the years, our industry has evolved and Wolfe-Rizor Interiors sees this as an opportunity to share with you our experience. For over 22 years we have been doing interior design and wish to show our approach to living with “style”. With social media making design so accessible […]

Susan Jenkins, Client

“Working with Wolfe-Rizor Interiors was a real pleasure. Their elegant style and creativity allowed my home to be transformed with a sophistication that was personalized to my taste.”

Charlie Clayton, Leading Central Florida Builder

“Hattie and Abigail bring a refreshing edge in color palette, texture and space design. The type of home matters not, Wolfe-Rizor Interiors brings balanced and affirming classic perspectives to multiple architectural styles. They are truly team players that translate their customer’s desires into something better than originally imagined.”

The Pokorny’s, Client

“Hattie and Abby included my husband and me as an integral part of the creative team. Our homes interiors are not only elegant, but family friendly and functional. Our young children enjoy the ease of living and with their own individual styles represented in each of their rooms. John and I love being able to […]

Mike and Terry Davis, Client

“Actions speak louder than words, so the fact that we are in the midst of our third whole-house remodel and decorating project with WRI says it all. Having had two very different primary homes over the past 17 years and now a vacation home, we are always amazed at the creativity of Hattie and Abby. […]

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