Custom WRI Light Fixtures

Nothing creates more ambiance than a dramatic chandelier. Not only does an impressive light fixture serve as task lighting but it also builds an atmosphere and mood within a setting. Custom made and crafted for a Florida river house, this particular chandelier is one of the many pieces we’ve designed for our clients to fit their personal décor.

This specific job required that we create something that could stand the elements and the test of time, along with creating a fresh, new look. The wire design allows air to flow through the fixture, without taking away from the rest of the room. The view of the river is never obstructed by the arrangement of the chandelier. Creating a rustic, casual focal point, this outdoor space is perfect for alfresco entertaining.

The conference room below is another example  of the application of this design with a similar concept but a changed finished and size. The oversized fixture gives a dramatic and interesting focal point.


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