Is Lacquer Furniture Still In Style? Absolutely!

Is Lacquer Furniture Still In Style? Absolutely!

Lacquer furniture featured in a white kitchen with light wood flooring, gray cabinets, a white counter-height table with dark gray chairs

The technique of using lacquer has been around for centuries. The smooth, glossy surface has been applied to trinket boxes, vases, and furniture, among other things. While interior design trends come and go, lacquer furniture is still popular in the modern age. But how did it manage to stand the test of time? The lacquered look is versatile and can transform ordinary furniture into something instantly glamorous.

What Is Lacquer?

Lacquer is a synthetic coating made of shellac that’s dissolved in alcohol. It’s sticky and quick-drying, which produces a shiny, glossy, or matte finish.

Lacquer is somewhat similar to varnish, but the lacquer is usually sprayed instead of brushed or rubbed with a cloth. From the 1920s until the 1960s, the technique was widely used in cars and on furniture.

But to this day, wood lacquering remains the preferred technique for high-end furniture makers.

Why People Love Lacquer Furniture

The art of wood lacquering was around during the Bronze Age in China. This practice made its way to Japan, Korea, South Asia, South East Asia, and Western countries with the rise of colonialism. The Western world became fascinated with the beauty of lacquer furniture and has incorporated such pieces across several interior design aesthetics.

Professional interior designers in Winter Park use pieces such as black lacquer furniture because of its versatility between traditional and modern styles. A piece of lacquered furniture with a matte, medium, or highly glossy finish can add contrast to a room.

Lacquer furniture is not only beautiful but durable as well. Its beauty lasts longer than varnished pieces. Lacquered furniture can last years without chipping or flaking. Your favorite furniture pieces will remain in excellent condition because they are water-resistant and they do not turn yellow or cloudy over time. Lacquer can penetrate deeper since it is thinner, creating a protective seal with each layer that’s applied. It guarantees a hard and super durable finish.

Lacquer furniture does not require special care. Simply wipe it down to keep it clean. For an added layer of protection, consider a runner across the top or felt furniture pads underneath large items that sit on the lacquered surface. Regular dusting will keep the specks from accumulating on the surface.

Incorporating lacquer furniture during your interior design concept development would be a great idea if you are working on a home renovation design or moving to a new home. 

Professional interior designers will help you source lacquer furniture and highlight the beautiful piece in your home. Contact our team and schedule a consultation.

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