Martyn Lawrence Bullard Shares Six Decorating Tips for Your Home

If you’ve seen Architectural Digest’s features of the homes of the Kardashian sisters and Tommy Hilfiger, there is only one man behind those stunning interiors: Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

The English interior designer, author and TV personality is one of the best in the world with a long list of A-list clients including Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Jenner, so he sure knows a thing or two about good interior design.

Here, the world-class interior designer shares six decorating tips that will make even the simplest home worthy of the pages of a magazine:


[1] Find the color that suits you.

According to Bullard, choosing the right paint color doesn’t have to be too complicated. You just need to look at what looks good on you. “Think about what you look good in and bring it into your house. If you look great in blue, you’re going to look good surrounded by it.”

Pretty simple right? It can be that simple!

To add to Bullard’s idea, not only will you look good surrounded but a color that suits you, you’ll feel good too. Surrounding yourself with your favorite color is a sure-fire way to feel better everyday. Don’t beleive us? Just give it a try.


[2] Invest in good sheets.

If there is one big luxury that Bullard is guilty of, it’s his obsession with really fine sheets. You spend a good amount of time sleeping in your bed, after all, so your bedding has to be both stylish and comfortable to really make your rest worthwhile.

According to Bullard, he has his sheets changed every day: “I like to get into crisp sheets.” He said that if you want your room to look fresh and clean, invest in good white sheets.

White is always a personal favorite but you don’t always have to stick with the tried and true. You can use your bed sheets to accent the room. Play with a color wheel to find the contrasting and the complimentary colors that fit your wall colors.


[3] Get your lighting right.

Once you see Bullard’s designs, you’ll instantly notice that all the rooms have great lighting that make them look and feel cozy and inviting. As an interior designer to celebrities, he understands the need to make the home a personal sanctuary and he believes that good lighting is key to achieving that.

Lighting is so underrated, so simple and it makes ALL the difference. 

You can spend on a home renovation and change the lights in your ceiling and maybe the position on outlets, but you can also effectively warm” up your home with some well placed light. Our tip is to get away from corners, which is where most amateur interior designers find themselves. It’s tempting to think that well lit corners make the room feel well lit. But this is just not the case. Find the edges of furniture and follow those lines to find the perfect places for a lamp.

[4] Embrace the beauty of wallpaper.

Wallpapers used to be thought of as old-fashioned, but now, it’s considered one of the key elements of good interior design. According to Bullard, wallpaper is not only used on walls but also in other parts of the house like the furniture and even the ceiling.

Design is cyclical, so old trends can be used to great affect if timed well.

Check out the pros and cons of wallpaper versus paint. The designs and feeling you can achieve with wallpaper can be quite breathtaking.


[5] Play with different textures.

Bullard loves to play with textures and it is evident in the homes he designs. This is because texture can add dimension and drama to even the simplest homes and you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve it. In fact, Bullard’s favorite cheap thrill is a good throw that you can use to spice up your boring sofa and add texture to your living space.

Texture can be achieved with minimal effort, if you know where to start. 

Start with a few sofa pillows, then move on to carpet, then try your hand at textured wall art. Even a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter can make all the difference. The point is not to limit yourself.


[6] Keep things personal.

Martin Lawrence Bullard’s final tip for decorating your house: keep things personal. Since your house should be a reflection of you, it has to be designed according to your personality. Bullard has always looked at his clients’ personality when designing their homes, which is why they’re unique and distinctive.

This is your home.

And though the pressure to create a great home for entertaining is always there, you have to remember how much this place means to you. Create your own space, your own sanctuary, your own home.

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