5 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner this Year

5 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving Dinner this Year

Oh boy. How are we going to decorate for Thanksgiving this year? I mean, just saying that 2020 was a disastrous year is a cliche and understatement all-in-one. How on earth are we supped to get together and be thankful after a year with events that mix reality T.V., Hollywood blockbuster movies and the lasted Stephen King novel? I mean 2020 was a wacky ride and we aren’t even out of the woods yet. But, hey, relax and put your mind at ease with some decorating, a little interior design, and maybe a gallon job of wine.

Speaking of wine, we decided to pour ourselves a glass of Larkmead Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 and narrow down what we think are the best ways to decorate for Thanksgiving this year. So whether or not you have family coming over for dinner, we think you can still do a little home Thanksgiving decorating for yourself. Even if you just do a little decorating for the family you have at home, let’s get it all together. 

[5] Accents

Accents are an easy, and effective way to get a little color popped into your living room and Thanksgiving has the best accent colors out there. Our top 3, go-to colors for Thanksgiving are:

  • Warm amber glass (candles)
  • Copper accident (flower vases)
  • Bright red accents (flowers)

When it comes to accidents, it’s all about details and placement. If you can get either of those design elements right when you decorate for Thanksgiving, then you are going to have a fantastic looking dinner on your hands.

Tip: When it comes to accenting with accessories (instead of furniture or rugs), you should always aim for quality over quantity. The reason? Well, cheap accents stand out, and not in a good way. Accents attract attention and a cheap accent attracts the wrong attention right off the bat.

[4] Incorporate The 5 Senses

Move over virtual reality, cause you ain’t got nothing on reality reality. Let’s get a little creative this year when we decorate for Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s incorporate all 5 senses into our design and decoration. Sure Sally 2 doors down has that great new area rug, it won’t make her the real winner of Thanksgiving dinner innovation like this will. See, you are not just going to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner using the traditional means, you are going to decorate for all 5 senses. You are the real Thanksgiving Day MVP.

Smell: Candles are the best way to get that smell going. And yes, you were probably going to light candles anyway so what’s the big deal? Well, we think that you can actually change the way your home feels by places complimentary candles in different rooms. Check out a few here.

Hear: Just like you leave the designing to the best interior designers in Winter Park, you should also leave the sounds, the tunes, and the playlist picking to the pros as well. We recommend checking out the top 7 Spotify playlists.

Touch: Let’s get into textures. When you think about Thanksgiving dinner, what textures come to mind? For us, we think of rough textures, ropes, flannel, knits, and furs. We think outdoors, rugged, cozy, and everything in between. So bring that to life on your table and on the sofa!

See: Let your guests’ eyes wander from accent to accent. Dazzle your guests (the ones that do end up making it to the dinner) with some striking colors and some great surrounding neutrals. Pictures and family memories are always the best visual piece for guests who wander around the house before and after Thanksgiving dinner.

Taste: Yes, the pièce de résistance of the entire dinner! Yes, we had to Google the spelling of that word. Food can be art, and when you decorate for Thanksgiving you are displaying your taste and also that you can beat Sally from 2 doors down. She’s going down this year.

[3] Wreaths are in

What’s that they always say about first impressions? That they mean everything! And a Thanksgiving wreath on the front door is guaranteed to send Sally into a tizz, but also give your guests a taste of everything that should come to expect for the rest of the night. A good wreath sets the tone.

But they don’t have to just sit on the front door. Decorate for Thanksgiving with wreaths on the fireplace, back door, hallways, and maybe even make a few small ones as party favors

Tip: Don’t just limit yourself to colors! Play with textures and colors.

[2] Outdoor Seating (Pandemic Friendly)

The CDC has released a few recommendations for outdoor Thanksgiving dinners. Honestly, if it adds a little extra safety, and comfort to the guests, then why not take advantage of the outdoors and do Thanksgiving dinner outside this year?

Here are a few things to consider when you decorate for Thanksgiving outdoors:

  • Remember the size of your yard when inviting people over.
  • Try to keep chairs 6 feet apart. That may mean a trip to the store to get an extra table or an extension.
  • Mark cups with something special like a paper bookmark to ensure everyone sticks to their own cups.
  • Have extra masks available just in case someone loses or breaks their own.
  • Sterilize all your cutlery.

Read more guidelines and examples here.

[1] Personalized is Best

These days we are all so used to having it our way. Everything online is personalized and catered to our needs and, as much as we may hate to admit it, we all like that personalized feeling. These days we are almost all too used to it. What if we could take some of that personalization and bring it to Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few ideas:

  • Personalized place mats
  • Personalized cups
  • Personalized thank you gifts (Christmas ornaments?)
  • Personalized glasses (which helps with social distancing as well.

Make it all personal!

If you have any additional comments or if you want to share your favorite ways to decorate for Thanksgiving, please let us know: abigail@wolferizor.com

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