Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid


Now that you’re confined at home, you’re probably seeing this as the perfect time to do some tweaks with your interiors to kill the boredom and hopefully, make your space look and feel better.

But before you start repainting or tearing down walls, make sure to avoid these interior design mistakes that could ruin your space and even de-value your property:

We were all busy living our lives. Then, the pandemic struck around the world and everything is now on a standstill. But if you look at the brighter side of things, the lockdown isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it could even work to your advantage, especially if you’ve been planning—and putting off—your home renovation for a while now. Here’s why a home renovation is exactly what you need right now:

Stay Away From Dark Walls

paint brush

Repainting is the easiest and cheapest job that you can do during the lockdown. It changes up the mood of your space and requires no expert skills to complete.

But you have to be careful with choosing colors, especially when you have a small home. Dark colors are a big no-no for interior designers because they don’t only make a room look smaller, but they also make it boring and sad.

Now if you already made that mistake before and would want to change things up this time, use white or pale grey to finally create a neutral and more inviting space. If you still want to add a dark shade into a room, you can paint one wall on that palette and keep the rest light.

Be Careful of Black Fittings

black light fixtureYou’ve seen it in the houses of celebrities and you actually like how it gives off that luxurious look to a space. But black fittings are not for everyone’s taste and more often than not; they will not add that extra value to your property in the future.

In fact, they could even put buyers off; especially those who prefer a more natural look for their future homes.

Go for neutral looking fittings instead since they easily blend in with the rest of the house and won’t look too odd. But if you already bought those black taps you’ve been eyeing on for a while, just add a few like accessories such as a vase.

Patterned Floor Tiles Are Tricky 

patterned tilePatterned floor tiles look very attractive in the magazines, but you can’t expect them to look just as stylish in your own home. Patterns, in general, can be quite busy and they also easily overwhelm your senses in the long run that you will find yourself longing for a more natural looking floor before you know it.

Now if you really want to add some style to your floors, go for a decorative rug or carpet instead. You can easily remove them when you’re tired of the pattern and they’re way cheaper than replacing your floor tiles altogether.

Why you Need To Renovate

  • You now have more time to lay out your ideas.

Chances are, you’ll be spending the next few weeks inside your home, so why not make all that free time count? Create an inspiration board on Pinterest and pin all your design pegs for your house so you can show it to your interior designer who can make a mood board according to the exact aesthetic that you want to achieve for this renovation project.

You don’t have to rush everything so take the time to pick the right style, colors and elements that you want for your home.

  • You can supervise the renovation yourself.

While you can’t tackle a big renovation project right away due to social distancing rules in place and probably some limitations on materials and manpower, you can actually divide your renovation into smaller projects where you tackle one area in your house at a time.

This allows for proper distance between workers while you can supervise them to make sure that everything is done according to your taste.

  • You can use some distraction.

You’re probably not used to staying home all the time like the rest of us. But you can bit cabin fever with some useful projects like a home renovation.

Now that you have all the free time to go around your house and see what needs renovating, you can get yourself distracted with choosing paint colors or deciding which tiles to pick for the new bathroom. Whatever it is that will help keep you busy during this time will surely be a great idea.

  • You get to give your house a fresh look.

You may have been dreading your backyard for months now or you think that your house’s overall style is already dated. Now that you’re staying at home for a while, it’s time to change the look and feel of your house to give it that fresh vibe.

Once you have a theme in mind, work with your interior designer on putting together all the elements that you wanted for your home to make them look cohesive and consistent.

The Takeaway

A home renovation is definitely not a bad idea even in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, renovating your home is actually a great investment because it allows you to add value to your property in a time when the cost of renovating is not as high because of the low demand for both materials and labor.


When this is all over and everyone can get back on track, you’ll surely have a better appreciation of your newly renovated home.




Being confined at home makes you think of a lot of things to do while you still have a lot of time. But before you make any drastic design decisions, make sure that you think about how it will affect the entirety of your home first.


Once this pandemic is over and you can get back to your daily grind, you’ll appreciate how you’ve created a space that you can really live in and not just look at.

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