7 Modern Kitchen Décor Tips for 2019 from a Luxury Interior Designer

It’s 2019 and the room in the house that’s getting the most attention is the kitchen. Interior designers find themselves working on kitchen more often than any other room in the house. It’s the one room that needs a makeover more frequently and kitchen design trends change far too quickly to keep pace. With that in mind, we decided to offer some modern kitchen décor tips for 2019 that will pass the test of time.

1 – Simple Is Best

Modern décor is simple décor. The two terms have always been interchangeable. A simple, sleek design, no frills and no fuss just great interior design for your kitchen. Modern kitchen decorating is popular because it takes all the clutter out of the kitchen- a room in the house that is almost always the first to get cluttered. Remove unnecessary ornaments, books, even dishes and kitchen utensils.

This is an opportunity to invest in high quality kitchen decoration accessories. Focus more on what you will actually use and don’t fall into a trap of over decorating your kitchen.

2 – Shelves Instead of Cabinets

We’ll say it again: Modern Means Minimal. It’s a popular kitchen décor theme. Removing cabinets opens the kitchen up to a bare and minimal approach. Instead, place what was in the cabinets on higher shelves. Invest in hooks to hang pots and pans. This is a modern meets rustic approach and something that makes your kitchen look like a Michelin Star restaurant.

3 – Traditional Cabinets

Wait, didn’t we just say that you should use shelves instead of cabinets? We did! No list of kitchen décor tips would work for everyone, so here’s a modern design tip for those who cannot part with their cabinets. Traditional is coming back in a big way. The rustic kitchen design theme is taking over and it’s a return to a look that is more like your grandmothers’ kitchen, or a kitchen you would find in a cottage in the 1950’s.

Look for kitchen decoration accessories that are antique, rustic and homey.

4 – Black on White

2019 is the year of black. We’re seeing it in bathrooms and kitchens over and over again. The contrast of white on black creates a look that is both clean and modern. The results are striking! Our pro tip is to remember that dirt on black is very noticeable so you will have to maintain that sleek black look more vigilantly.

5 – Chandeliers Are In

Sunken Ceiling lights are no longer in. After what seems like a decade, the sunken ceiling kitchen light has been dethroned by the chandelier. Modern kitchen utilizes the space above counters, dining tales and kitchen islands to show off some flair. There’s room for both the modern and the rustic, both provide a great modern kitchen design.

6 – Chef’s Table

This kitchen décor tip comes from the years and years of chef’s shows that have been streamed from Netflix and almost all reality TV channels. A chef’s table is an extension of both the kitchen and living room. Modern kitchens are combing the two to create a kitchen counter that extends into a dining room table. Allow guests to be closer to the host while enjoying the food.

7 – Walls Tiled Versus Papered

White walls are out, tiled walls and wall paper are in. Consider a light design, something floral but not overwhelming. You can achieve this by finding a tile design or wallpaper that extends to a large area of the wall. Not just the same design repeated on every square, but one, long continuous design. If redoing and entire wall is more than you want to do, and if your interior designer recommends it, ask about a color instead. You can paint the walls something a little more striking and fun. Above all else, no more white walls!

For more interior design tips, visiting our interior design blog. And if you’re ready, give us a call and we can chat about a possible full kitchen overhaul or just some simple redesign or decorating.

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