The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is Almost Here… Our Favorite Time of Year!

Only two weeks until the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival! The Winter Park Art Festival has always been a huge deal to the Wolfe Family. Growing up here, we always looked so forward to the event. Back in the day they used to have things like custom made leather sandals and funnel cakes, but today it has turned into a nationally acclaimed art event.

We make a point of strolling through the festival every year, and our clients often have us go and look at art they are considering for their homes. We also direct clients to different booths when we see a piece that would work with their décor or just speaks to us. We can’t wait to see who wins Best of Show this year!

Fine Artists often hesitate to work with Interior Decorators, thinking they are just looking for a picture to match their living room colors, to put above the sofa. This is a nightmare for artists, making them feel devalued, and doesn’t allow them to express their true craft. Wolfe-Rizor works with art very differently.

For one thing, we often use a very neutral palette in our home designs, which allows the colors and shapes in artwork to take center stage. And for us, art is not an afterthought. In fact, one of our favorite design challenges is to shape an entire environment to best showcase our client’s art collection. This family’s folk art collection inspired the color scheme, furniture, and lighting in their dramatic home.

We challenge you to look at art as your opportunity for uniqueness, for personal expression, and for preserving memories of your travels. When we design a space, we often leave room for future art collecting, rather than just finding acceptable placeholders to complete the décor. A blank space is better than a poorly chosen, run-of-the-mill picture. Take your time, collect, visit festivals, meet artists, and select a piece of art that will bring you joy every day!

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