Wall Paneling Ideas for Traditional and Modern Spaces

Wall Paneling Ideas for Traditional and Modern Spaces

wall paneling ideas in an elegant white living room featuring a white tufted sofa with blue throw cushions, abstract art in shades of blue and intricate sconces on the wall, and geometric light fixture hanging from the ceiling

Elevate a Room with a Statement Wall


While some people still equate wall paneling with out-of-date style options, today’s wall panel ideas bring this home design element into the world once again. It has come a long way since the styles of yesteryear, and you may be surprised at all the amazing choices available to you now. In fact, you can find it prominently displayed in all the top design magazines and websites. With the help of an exceptional and creative team of interior designers in Winter Park, you can transform any room in your house with a current take on this affordable yet high-impact option.


Wall Panel Ideas for Texture

Smooth painted walls provide a basic backdrop for any design elements, but wall paneling adds another layer of interest to your home. It offers a three-dimensional look and feel that elevates the style to complement other materials. The subtle differences in shiplap, barn boards, or more elaborate options can create stunning results, especially with the right color and material selection. Manufactured panels with geometric shapes and textures make it simple to get the look you want. Cornices, exposed beams, baseboards, chair rails, and more can add to the effect in completely one-of-a-kind ways. Both premade and custom wall paneling options are available either in retail shops or from remodeling experts.


Think Color With Wall Paneling

 Do you want to add extra color to your home decorating scheme? Wall paneling makes it easy. Not only do they come in a wide variety of wood types with interesting grain patterns, but you can also stain or paint modern panels with ease. Natural wood colors come in deepest walnut brown to the lightest golden oak. Choose from this year’s most popular interior paint colors including terra-cotta, sage green, or navy blue. If you are not sure about what color to choose for your wall panel ideas, consult the experts at Wolfe Rizor Interiors.


Wall Paneling Ideas for Every Room

Your home style is a reflection of your personality, and you want every room to reflect your favorite styles, colors, and ambiance. How do you determine the best wall paneling ideas for each decorated space? For the living room, den, and other busy spaces, choose wood panels with neutral colors that go well with many different materials. Consider a statement wall with a bright color or unique texture or even find fresh ways to use wallpaper.

Bathroom wall paneling ideas focus on waterproof materials, although you can use well-sealed wood in many cases. Look for options that complement your tile and fixtures for a cohesive yet interesting look. Wall paneling is also popular in the bedroom where it is used to create a cozy and intimate space.

Today’s wall paneling ideas give you so much more than the boring options of decades past. It works well no matter what aesthetic you prefer. Explore all the options for traditional, midcentury modern, farmhouse, and contemporary designs. New materials, modern colors, and three-dimensional details add interest to any room. Whether you go with classic vertical or horizontal boards or in your unique and sculpted design, wall paneling can provide the perfect backdrop for your furniture and decor accents.

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