5 Decorating Ideas to Create An Incredible Temporary Home Office

temporary home office

Well, 2020 has started out to be quite an interesting year. Many of our clients, our friends and our family are working from home. And they are working in temporary home offices or home offices that desperately need an update.

I mean admit it, you haven’t updated your home office in ages and now that you’re stuck in it, you see how desperately it needs a make over.

You’re not alone.

And no to worry! We’ve got a few home office decorating ideas for those of us who need a great work space right now.

This list of home office decorating ideas focuses on productively! 

One of the challenges of working at home is resisting the temptation to not work at all, especially if your home office isn’t that inviting anymore. So if your space is already aching for a makeover, here are five ideas that turn your home office from blah to wow before you know it.

[1] Simulate The Desk Experience

home officeThe desk is the ultimate symbol of an office, which also translates to work, but unless you want to haul your office desk in on the back of some Ford F-150 pickup truck, then you’re going to have to compromise.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need an office desk, but you should have a desk.

Sitting up straight is better for you mood and your productivity. [1] Both of which you need while working at home because it can be such a distraction!  PLUS, sitting up straight helps digestion. You are winning no matter what.

But while we are talking about distractions.

Pick an area in your house that’s away from the action.

You don’t want to set up your home office near the kitchen, the kids’ bedroom or the living area where most of the people are.

The best spot for a temporary home office is a spare bedroom. The next best spot is your master bedroom. Then settle for the living room. Never go into the kitchen. The food, need to clean and/or constant foot traffic will drive you nuts.

Here’s the thing; your home office doesn’t need to look like a real office. Since this space should be all about inspiration and motivation, you need to pick items that reflect your personality.

It’s your personal space, after all. Don’t be afraid to go minimalist or maximalist with paint color, décor and furniture. Add a chandelier if you must or hang your favorite photos on the wall.

[2] Get Everything You Need

Simple Home OfficeIf you begin to see a pattern through all these temporary home office setup tips, it’s because there is a pattern. The theme, the design concept you should keep in mind when setting up your temp home office is: less distraction, more productivity. 

To make you feel that you’re really working, it’s very important to have a work-like set up at home. Get yourself a simple desk, a chair, a computer or laptop and all the other essentials that you commonly have in your office.

Do a spot check every morning to make sure you have everything you need with in reach.

Headphones, chargers, files, notes, reading glasses, coffee, bull horn to blow if anyone makes any noise while you’re on a conference call.

Keep it all handy.

[3] Don’t Forget About Storage

home office storageWhile most of your files are already digitally stored, you still need some sort of storage for those old files and all the little knick-knacks that you need for work.

You’re not limited to a steel cabinet or some drawers here because you can always opt for a stylish credenza or a wood cabinet that also doubles as an accessory. It’s all about putting things that work well with your theme.

It also makes sense to pack up / clean up after “work”. This is still your home, so don’t let that clutter begin in your home office. Take time to store things, put clutter away, dispose of trash and give everything a wipe. Get into the habit early and often!

Take a look at amazon, Ikea or even the container store for some really great home office storage options. There are plenty to choose from.

[4] Set Up Your Internet Connection

Since you and your team will be relying on phone calls and video calls while you’re on quarantine, you need to make sure that your Internet connection is stable and fast.

Get in touch with your provider beforehand so they can send someone over to help you set up your Internet connection. You should also set some rules around the house for Internet usage so you don’t end up waiting for pages to load just because everyone is on Netflix or on social media.

[5] Get Yourself Some Greenery

office desk plantYou see it in almost all the mood boards today. Plants will not only make your office less toxic, they can even purify the air and ward off negative energy that could affect your business. But more than that, having some foliage in your home office is a great way to add color and character to your space.

It’s hard to be confined in a small space than what you’re used to. But your home office doesn’t need to feel too claustrophobic if you bring some plants in.

Plants are an inexpensive option to brighten up your temporary home office while freshening up the air so you can really work properly. You can also add other pops of color through old paintings or photos that you have around the house.

An additional tip

Of course, you’d probably still want a change of scenery every now and then. To make that possible without having to go back and forth to your office just to get what you need, you can add a rolling desk or cart that has all your office essentials.

You can take the cart in your backyard, living area or wherever you like and you can still be as efficient as you would in your temporary home office.

But with the right home office, you can still stay productive and efficient to keep your business going even if you’re at the confines of your own home. Who knows, you might just love the idea so much you don’t want to go back to your real office when this is all over.


[1]: The Science Of Posture: Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Happier And More Productive

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