Ten Desk Essentials to Fuel Productivity and Creativity

Ten Desk Essentials to Fuel Productivity and Creativity

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From commercial office spaces to a home office or a multi-purpose room for those who work from home, a professional interior designer takes into account the function(s) of a room during the concept development phase of the project in order to design a productive space. Beyond the style and flow of your office, don’t forget the small details necessary to get through a workday. Stock up on these ten desk essentials so you can be more productive, creative, and efficient at what you do.


Desk Essentials to Include in Your Office


Whether you prefer a desktop or laptop, one of the most important desk essentials you need to invest in is a good computer that has all the features you need for your job. Depending on the types of tasks you need to work on, you may want to consider an additional screen as well.


While pretty much everything can be documented digitally these days, writing things down helps people retain information or make notes in their own way. Sometimes it’s more convenient to write something down quickly and then add it to a notes or calendar app as well as other programs to keep track of your work.

Whether you work in a company office or home office, you can also use a notepad to leave simple thank you notes to co-workers or roommates now and then. This brings us to…

Pens and Pencils

If you have notepads on your desk, you’re going to need something with which to write on them. Even if you digitize everything, you never know when you’ll need a pen or pencil, so it’s best to have some of these desk essentials available nearby.


Working in low-light conditions can really put a strain on your eyes, so having a desk lamp is vital. The color and material selection of this desk essential can go a long way towards tying the room together. Find a lamp that’s both stylish and functional so it can blend well with the rest of your setup.


Listen to your favorite songs, join meetings without disturbing others in the room, or just block out distracting noises. Whatever you need, a good pair of headphones will always come in handy on your desk.

Charging Station

Charge all your gadgets—laptop, tablet, mobile phones, etc.—in one clutter-free area on your desk where all the wires are neatly organized. This gives you enough space on your desk to work and keeps all your gadgets in one place.

Cable Management System

Messy wires are such an eyesore because they make your desk look cluttered. If you want to keep things neatly tucked away, a cable management system can help you keep it all organized and easily accessible for those moments when you need to “turn it off and turn it on again” when you run into IT troubles.


Studies have shown that plants can reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. Besides, what better way to liven up your office space–literally–with some greenery! There are countless ways to decorate with plants (Gilmor, 2021) so find one (or a few) you think you can keep alive under the light conditions available at your desk.


A USB hub can be a lifesaver, especially if you save a lot of files or work with external devices. With several laptop manufacturers eliminating USB ports in their designs, a USB hub is one of those desk essentials you shouldn’t be without.

Photographs of Loved Ones

On those tough days, when it seems like everything is going wrong, photos featuring loved ones can remind you of the good things in life, that there are better days ahead with the people–or even pets–you cherish. Choose frames that fit the aesthetic of your office space


You work hard to meet deadlines every single day, so you should have the desk essentials that will help you achieve your daily goals more efficiently. Whether you’re looking for temporary home office ideas or a complete office renovation, contact our team to schedule a consultation.



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