2021 Spring Design Trends

2021 Spring Design Trends

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After a year rife with uncertainty, frustration, and countless struggles, 2021 represents the hope of better times ahead. As such, it’s a great opportunity to embrace some of the spring interior design trends in 2021 to refresh the spaces in your home with the help of an interior designer in Orlando

With the pandemic impacting how people live their lives, limiting outdoor activities due to nationwide lockdowns, people have come to realize the importance of a home they are happy to live in, so a fresh look and design can positively change the mood and ambiance of these private spaces.

Today, most of us are still coping with the new normal. Across the world, almost everyone is doing most, if not all things at home, from studying and socializing to working and exercising. 

Home is not just where we find safety and comfort anymore but has evolved into multi-functional spaces in order to accommodate a new way of life as a result of last year’s circumstances.

The spring design trends in 2021 reflect this shift in perspective, prioritizing comfort, tranquility, and fun.

Interior Design Styles Trending in Spring 2021


The cottagecore aesthetic has gone viral on social media and has become one of the most popular interior design trends this spring. This style evokes a sense of simpler times and slow living to enjoy the little delightful things we’d otherwise overlook. After a year that forced the entire world to slow down, it’s no wonder people were enamored with the cottagecore aesthetic.

Cottagecore has sometimes been described as farmcore, countrycore, and granny chic, so a great way to achieve this aesthetic is to source vintage pieces from unique places to buy home decor, from furniture and mirrors to kitchenware such as cast iron or copper pots.

Tropical Paradise

Though there aren’t as many travel restrictions as last year, people are still hesitant to travel until it’s safer to do so, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring their dream destinations into their homes. Especially as the weather starts to warm up, tropical interiors are one of the top spring design trends in 2021.

Create an urban jungle in your home and even on your patio or balcony with lush tropical plants and colorful flowers. Parlor palms, birds of paradise, fiddle leaf figs, and monstera deliciosa add rich greenery while anthuriums, bromeliads, and calla lilies are the beautiful fauna that can add touches of color. You can also incorporate these elements in wallpaper, art, and even a unique statement piece of furniture.

There are many variations of the tropical aesthetic, so interior concept development is key in achieving a look that feels cohesive.

2021 Spring Color Trends in Interior Design

Spring is a season of positive change and new beginnings, so with that in mind, choose a new color palette for your home. The top colors for 2021 are Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, but other spring design trends are bringing in deep greens, soft blues, or colors like Aegean Teal, a warm blue-green with gray undertones, to add balance and tranquility.

In keeping with themes of hope in 2021, add touches of yellow, a color symbolizing optimism and enlightenment. Bring the sunshine into your home by painting your walls a bright yellow or incorporating yellow into your fabric choices for cushions, curtains, or even your large, comfortable sofa.

An interesting development in interior design is that certain shades of pink are almost considered a neutral in many cases because of its inviting and uplifting appeal as well as the fact that it pairs well with so many colors.

Complement the bright, fresh colors with earthy tones like warm reds and rusts to ground the design. Warm neutrals will make a room feel cozy, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Spring Furniture Trend: Large Comfortable Sofas

As more employers shift to remote working, whether it’s temporary or long-term, people spend more time at home and need to separate working hours from free time, so they are making comfort an important factor in their living spaces.

Large sofas and big comfy chairs are two of the biggest spring design trends in 2021. The color and material selection may vary, from leather to soft velvets and natural linens, but the unifying feature among them is the fact that they are big and plush.

Implementing Spring Design Trends with Wolfe-Rizor Interiors

The team at Wolfe-Rizor Interiors stays on top of trending interior design styles but, more importantly, listens to what clients want from their spaces, how they want to feel, because a home is incredibly personal.

Whether you’re considering designs for a home renovation or are ready to embark on a new construction project, our team is here to guide your interior design choices so you end up with the living spaces of your dreams.

Contact us today for a consultation.

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