2019 Interior Design Tip: Coffee Table Décor – Board Games Will Replace Books & More

House Beautiful, a magazine that we have been featured in, a magazine that we highly respect, has said they believe that luxury wooden board games are going to become the new coffee table books1. And you know what- we like the idea!

If there’s one thing that interior designers in Winter Park, FL must keep in mind it’s that our clientele are high end, chic and always trendy. With that in mind, we have a few options for luxury board games for your coffee table, as well as a few other options if the board games leave you bored.

So, you’re 2019 interior design tip of the week is simply this: rethink your coffee table décor. Consider the advice of House Beautiful and invest in luxury board games. OR, if you are a little more adventurous, consider our recommendations.

Luxury Wooden Board Games

Perhaps one of the best places to look for these luxury wooden board games is Pottery Barn for in person shopping and of course Amazon for online shopping.

Check out this luxury edition Monopoly and luxury edition Scrabble for reference. Be prepared to pay upwards of $200 to $450 for these games.

Plants Are Coming Back

Green is good. Plants are making a major comeback to the coffee table décor scene. Start your 2019 home redesign from the roots up and add more plants to your living room.

Flowers are a mainstay, so think outside the box. Instead, consider succulents, or even a terrarium. They’re more interesting than simple plants. We recommend Winter Park residents take a look at our local flora and fauna for inspiration.

Photo Albums & Scrapbooks

2019 interior design tip for the cutting-edge trendy folks: go old school. Digital has flooded our sensibilities and we are in a tipping point where a pull back to basics is exactly what we are all craving!

Create a scrap book with your most favorite memories and trips. We are all posting these trips on social media these days anyway. Curate a story- something that will impress guests, start conversations and remind your friends and family of the good times.

Choose Your Coffee Table Wisely

Ok, so now you’ve decided to take your coffee table décor into an interesting new direction. You’re starting 2019 off on the right foot! But now you have to take a look at your coffee table. When was the last time you updated your table?

Your additional 2019 interior design tip is to take another look at your coffee table and consider a table with the appropriate storage to hold these luxury board games. Make sure this is a part of your design concept development next year!



[1]: House Beautiful – Calling It: These Luxury Wooden Board Games Are The New Coffee Table Books

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