Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

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Choosing better interior paint colors is essential when you are looking to give your home a breath of fresh air or make your house more comfortable whether you plan to sell or not. Sometimes a new coat of fresh paint can really make a difference in your home.

If you have been living with the same colored walls in the living rooms, bedroom, or kitchen for years, picking a new paint color can make your home feel new, feel vibrant and feel more yours.

But what color should you choose to suit your home better with all the available palettes out there? A trip to Home Depot or your local paint store can leave most of us feeling a little bewildered. There are so many choices out there and when you are staring at an isle filled with slightly different hues and tones, it can be intimidating…

Will this color match my theme, will it match the sofa or the wall décor? No need to fret, for over 20 years the mother and daughter team of interior designers in Winter Park have honed their skills and combined knowledge to provide these tips for choosing interior paint colors for you home.

But first…


Which Paint TYPE Should You Pick?


The type of paint you choose for your interiors is just as important as the color you choose. Don’t worry we aren’t going to get too scientific with these paint type selections, but we do want to ensure you chose the right type of paint.

A quick note: the more gloss a paint has the more durable it will be and the less forgiving the paint on imperfections. Semi-gloss is recommended for first-timers.

Flat: the matte look is trending these days. You’ll see cars with a matte finish, as well as furniture like bed frames and coffee tables. The flat look is a great choice if you have to hide lots of little imperfections on your wall. Divots, holes, and other annoying lines.

However, flat and matte interior paints are not nearly as durable as the others on this list. You will have to care for the paints and will likely have to paint over patches if you have a clumsy significant other or kids running loose.

Satin: the sheen finish on a satin paint is perfect for that modern, ultra-sleek looking home. You’ll find it’s easier to clean and a great choice for any surface including wood, walls, and doors. These sheen looks fantastic in a hallway, creating a bright, vibrant look that seems inviting and elegant. Satin paint is also very durable, making it a perfect choice if you do not want to care for and constantly patch any spots.

However, the sheen will extenuate imperfections. Spots, cracks, divots, and any little annoying spots on your wall will stand out even more clearly. BE sure to evaluate your surfaces for smooth consistency before you commit to paint.

Eggshell: if you’re not ready for satin, eggshell is the perfect go-between, providing an excellent sheen that is far more forgiving on imperfections. It’s more lively than flat paint and more forgiving than a satin. This paint is universally used by most.


Which Color Should You Pick?

HouseIf you are looking to sell your house, you can pick white or off-white color for your walls. The buyer will be able to cover the wall using their own choice of color and provide rooms with a brighter and cleaner appearance.

That said, there are hundreds of paint selections you can pick from your local hardware outlet or paint store. You may also talk to a salesperson regarding the different schemes best suited for your needs. Consequently, you may be able to change the feel of any room in your home with some planning.

Inspiration: start by looking at a few places for inspiration online. Pinterest and Instagram have a lot of great ideas for choosing an interior paint color. Magazines and catalogs are also a great source of inspiration for colors. But by far the best places to find inspiration is on paint manufacturer websites. Paint companies do a fantastic job of showcasing their colors in rooms.

Samples: you should never forget to sample paint colors before applying them. This is particularly the case if you are going to use gallons of paint and hours for the project. So you have to get it right the first time. Therefore, calculate exactly how much paint you are going to use because it is the most important step in finding the right colors for your home.

Artwork: you may also choose paint colors derived from the artwork you already have in your house. Take note that artists are also masters of color and light, as they create their own color schemes. You may also benefit from this idea by choosing colors based on your favorite piece of art. You can use these tips to really create a color theme in your home or in particular rooms.

Contrast: pick a color you love and find the complementary and contrasting colors that suit that color. You can build an entire color scheme around a single color if you know how to find contrasts and complementary colors to match. You can color wheels online that will help with this endeavor.

Consultants: if you find that color selection should be handled by an interior designer, then let a consultant step in and help you bring our vision to life. An interior designer or color consultant can provide you with color ideas to sample or a custom-designed color palette for your home. Ask an interior designer for color selection services. You may also gather your own inspiration or ideas before meeting a color consultant or interior designer so that you can share what you have in mind when you do. Note that he or she can suggest changes to your lighting to correct color problems.


Final Thought

Remember paint is temporary and can be redone as many times as you choose. Choosing the right interior paint color is a journey and it may take you to some interesting places. Follow these tips to pick the right paint color and also listen to your gut. At the end of the day, you will live in those beautiful spaces.  

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