New Interior Design Trends for 2022

New Interior Design Trends for 2022

living room reflecting interior design trends of 2022 such as a teal wall with a round mirror as well as a brown sofa, white and gold round coffee table, gold accent table and bookshelf, and a fiddle leaf fig in the corner

The start of a new year is an opportunity to update your personal spaces with the home interior design trends of 2022. The last two years made everyone pause to think about how their home was now being used, how different spaces served multiple purposes, so it’s about time for a refresh and a fresh start with the help of a professional interior designer in Orlando.


Maximalism Comes Back with a Bang

Minimalism is out, maximalist is in. After two years of lockdowns and uncertainty, people are ready to have some fun in 2022 with home interiors bursting with energy and color. Choosing a color palette for your home or creating a mood board is the first step.

While soft, simple aesthetics helped establish a sense of tranquility during a time when people had to juggle so many things at home, bold patterns and more opulent pieces are featured in many of the latest home interior design trends of 2022.

Patterned wallpaper from toile and floral designs to geometric or abstract prints are having a major moment. Instead of using it for the walls, install a unique wallpaper on the ceilings for a fresh perspective. Instead of the clean lines of Scandinavian design, opt instead for an ornate mirror or a decadent chair as a statement piece of furniture in a room.


Reconnect with Nature

It’s common to see large trees inside homes as an elegant yet natural accent. Instead of Pantone’s Color of the Year–Very Peri–green remains a favorite in almost any room in the house–the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office–for that sense of calm and peace. 

A professional interior design firm can manage all the elements of a room to achieve the desired ambiance of the space. Terracotta tones and velvet furniture of the same hues are the perfect combinations for that tranquil environment in the bedroom. Layers of texture, soothing colors, and statement lighting will transform your bedroom into the sleeping sanctuary you have been missing for almost 2 years. 


Mindful Home Interior Designs

2022 is also the year when homeowners will be more mindful of their choices, opting to upcycle and DIY some of their projects. From newbies to expert DIYers, homeowners are more confident of making their homes beautiful with the right color and material selection

The public’s continuing concern about climate change has led to a resurgence of organic materials in interior design. Not only are people finding ways to repurpose what they already own, finding a way to give it new life to fit their preferred aesthetic, but they are also more conscious of the materials used to manufacture their furniture and decor. The use of sustainable materials has become more prominent.


Giving Vintage New Life

The concept of vintage has never gone out of style, though the styles considered vintage have certainly expanded as time goes on. Sourcing vintage pieces will add a sense of history to a space so finding unique places to buy home decor and accessories is key. Old furnishings are imbued with stories of the past while showcasing details and designs that are not present in today’s modern designs.

Metallics such as silver, gold, brass, or copper elements may even have a beautiful patina that only comes from age and use, which means it was a previously loved piece, making it so much more special.


Home Interior Trends to Inspire a Redesign of Your Space

The home interior design trends of 2022 offer so much inspiration for the concept development of your home. Whether you are embarking on a new build or a home renovation design, the professionals at Wolfe-Rizor Interiors can bring new life into your home with spectacular designs.


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