How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

The living room is arguably an essential part of the house. It is where families spend a considerable amount of time bonding. It is also the area you entertain your loved ones and guests. Being the receiving area for visitors, the living room should be decorated with things homeowners love. In addition, the space shall also reflect the owner’s personality.

One major thing that makes or breaks your living room is the choice of rug. It must create that inviting, warm, and cozy atmosphere. But how do you choose the right rug for your relaxing area? If you are on the hunt for that perfect living room rug, read on so you’ll know what to consider.


Choose a rug size appropriate for the size of your living room. A 6×9 rug is a fitting choice for a small living room, 8×10 for medium size living room, and 9×12 for a large living room. These are the standard sizes you will find in home furnishing stores.

As a general rule, pick a rug size that allows at least a foot or 4 to 8 inches of bare floor within the living room’s area. But you can also have a custom-made rug if the standard sizes do not suit the size of your living room.


Consider how you’d like to use the living room in your day-to-day activity. Is this where kids spend most of their time during the day? Do you have pets? How heavy is the foot traffic in this area?
Wool rugs are the fitting options budget and maintenance wise. Rugs made of wool also add warmth and softness. But if you have an extra budget and for that touch of luxury, go for silk rugs.

Current Flooring

Choosing the right rug for your floor type needs to be thought of wisely. When shopping for living room rugs, always think about the base where the rug will be placed. For light or modern flooring, go for white, grey, or neutral-colored rugs while warmer colored rugs suit best with darker-colored timber.

For laminate flooring, you can pick a complementary color; a darker or lighter color of your floor type. For stone floors, choose a rug that will make and feel the room warmer. On the other hand, wool rugs will give you that antique look. If you want to achieve an elegant or classic feel in your living room, then go for wool rugs.


Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose clean, simple, and neutral colors like grey, sandy, or cream. But if you want to add little energy, then you can opt for warm colors.
While choosing the rug color is a personal preference, it is also worth mentioning to try other colors aside from the usual black and white. If you have kids or with pets, check out colors that require less vacuuming.

Changing your living room rug is an opportunity to upgrade its look. Rugs can make the room more cozy and comfortable while protecting your flooring from spills and dirt.



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