Best Colors to Paint a Bathroom

Best Colors to Paint a Bathroom

white bathroom with blue ceiling, cabinets, and tub to showcase colors to paint a bathroom

Paint is, perhaps, the simplest, most cost-effective way to make the biggest impact and transform a space. Paint has the power to make a room feel larger, brighter, or cozier. Finding colors to paint a bathroom might not be a priority when choosing interior paint colors, but it can truly turn it into a space where you can relax and unwind. 

Whether you just want a quick refresh or a complete renovation, the right color and material selection can dramatically change how the bathroom looks and feels.


Trending Bathroom Paint Colors to Consider

Our professional interior designers in Winter Park are sharing a few popular bathroom colors to inspire your next bathroom renovation.

Warm & Cool Colors to Paint a Bathroom

Powder Blue

Your bathroom should have a calm and relaxed vibe, so a soft bathroom color such as powder blue is another great choice. Whether you choose a color palette that features neutrals and a range of blues or incorporates pastel pinks and soft orange hues, powder blue will make the space feel serene. 

Cerulean Blue

If you gravitate towards cooler colors for the serenity but prefer something with a little more oomph, cerulean blue is a perfect choice, especially for those who love the water. This bathroom color works well with an overall beach or nautical aesthetic, but if you’re looking for something more elegant, choosing gold fixtures and geometric shower tiles can elevate the space. Apple green, apricot orange, or honey mustard yellow would accent cerulean blue very well for something a little more fun.


Shades of green are popular in interior design right now and pistachio green is certainly having a moment. It’s one of those colors to paint a bathroom that can easily be paired with a black and white aesthetic as well as pastels or muted shades of pink and orange and bright, soft blues. From classic to vintage interior design styles, pistachio green is a versatile bathroom color that lends itself well in a variety of styles from classic or minimal to vintage and whimsical. 

Light Green

A light, spring green is a way to bring a bit of nature indoors, particularly if you incorporate natural materials such as wood cabinets, linen shower curtains, and so forth. This refreshing bathroom color is the perfect shade for a morning pick-me-up and will make you feel happy.

Peachy Pink

Many consider pink a feminine color, though that’s only a product of the latter half of the 20th century. It’s actually quite lovely when it complements earth tones such as brown, gray, or black. You can lean into the femininity with a lighter color palette and gold fixtures or go for a bold look with an art deco-inspired pattern on the wall.

Neutral Bathroom Colors


A white bathroom will never go out of style. If you want to create a clean and crisp look, bright white will always achieve that. Complement your white bathroom with dark accent colors like deep green, navy blue, black, or hunter green. Alternatively, add pops of bright color for a more lively look.


Those that prefer a clean, minimal aesthetic generally go for either bright white or gray, the latter of which can be a little easier to maintain since there’s no pressure to keep it spotless. Dark gray lends itself to a more sophisticated, intimate space. A lighter gray helps create a simple, refreshing atmosphere. Gray is also one of the most versatile neutrals as it goes great with so many colors.


Achieving a sophisticated look can be as simple as choosing neutral colors to paint a bathroom, and taupe is no exception. It’s warm, stylish, and chic. This brown-gray shade is perfect if you are looking for a long-term bathroom color choice as it is adaptable in case you decide to refresh the styling in the future.


Black is a timeless classic that can make your bathroom look sleek. While most people assume you need a big window with lots of natural light to make a black bathroom work, it will also look great in a bathroom with no windows. Embrace the darkness, as long as you know how to style it. You can incorporate a graphic wallpaper, patterned tile, eye-catching wall art, or bold color accents to make your bathroom a unique space instead of an afterthought. Black will never disappoint.


Let the Professionals at Wolfe-Rizor Interiors Help You Choose Bathroom Paint Colors

How do you like your bathroom? This space in your household can be a place to de-stress, accommodate busy mornings, or relax in the tub after a laborious day.

It’s never too early to think about a bathroom renovation, so if you’re embarking on new construction or just thinking about colors to paint a bathroom for a quick refresh, our team can help you design a space to help you relax and wash up. Contact our interior design firm in Orlando to schedule a consultation.


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