3 Florida Room Ideas Based on Different Sunroom Design

3 Florida Room Ideas Based on Different Sunroom Design

one of the Florida room ideas based on sunroom designs that features a white mid-century console, framed plant prints, circle rattan mirror, and large potted tropical plants

A sunroom, or a Florida room as it’s known in the Sunshine State, is a place where you can spend your afternoons and relax without the disturbance of the natural elements…like bugs. The sound of pouring rain in the spring can be the perfect soothing noise. Besides the monetary value it adds to your home, a sunroom can also be a functional space to work, host gatherings, or simply cozy up. Our professional interior designers in Winter Park have a few Florida room ideas if you want to add versatility or an extension to your living room.


Florida Room Ideas for Your Home in the Sunshine State

Modern Sunroom

A modern sunroom room is simple, peaceful, and calm. Nature-inspired color and material selection as well as a muted or neutral color palette are key in designing a modern sunroom. Keep the room light and bright, especially if the space is small. If you’re in a full home renovation design process, consider adding large windows and skylights and then use mirrors in your interior design in order to reflect light.

Beach Style Florida Room

Regardless of the weather, a beach-style sunroom is a perfect place to hang out and enjoy the view outside. Add comfortable seating in blue and white hues such as low couches and light furniture. Add different textures by bringing in linen throws or a jute rug 

Maximize the natural light in your home with an entire wall of windows. Hang soft white curtains and paint the walls a bright neutral to highlight the natural sunshine. 

It’s all in the details, so take your time to find beach treasures at unique places to buy home decor and accessories and include them in your beach-style Florida room. Display artwork featuring a tranquil beach scene, throw a lovely scalloped cushion on a chair, or hang a stunning light fixture reminiscent of coral that instantly becomes a conversation piece.

Make it simple, neutral, and easy-breezy for that laid-back lifestyle associated with coastal living that will make you feel like you are on a beach in the Caribbean.

Tropical Jungle Oasis

A quintessential feature of sunroom design is the abundance of natural light streaming through the windows, making it the perfect space for plants. Designing a conservatory of tropical flora and fauna is one of the best Florida room ideas to transform your sunroom into a tropical jungle oasis. It can become a place where you drink tea in the mornings, reflect in your journal on a tranquil afternoon, or enjoy the company of loved ones.

Fill the space with a mix of greenery and flowers from tall potted plants like palms or monsteras and hanging plants such as pothos to smaller ones like orchids and bromeliads artfully arranged on a beautiful plant stand. 

Incorporate furniture made with natural materials such as wicker or cane and include a statement piece like a peacock chair to elevate the design of your sunroom. 


Consult Professional Interior Designers on Sunroom Designs

A sunroom provides numerous benefits to homeowners regardless of the Florida room ideas you decide to use as inspiration in your home. 

However, before you embark on your sunroom project, take the time to talk to an interior design firm in Florida for better insight into specific materials, state or local regulations, requirements, building permits, costs, and the pros and cons of different ideas, among other details.

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