Interior Design in Winter Park

Our homes are an extension of ourselves – where we create memories, where we host parties, where we celebrate our most important holidays. The way we decorate our home says a lot about who we are.

In fact, it’s been proven that home décor and interior design affects our mood and our relationships with family members. Even guests pick up on subtle cues when they visit. Looks are so important and it’s difficult to find the time to create a perfect home – to make sure your home is pristine and ready to blow the socks off any visitors the minute they walk in the door. You want to be proud when you give your guests a tour of your home and there’s no better sound than the oohs and ahhs of visitors who look around wide-eyed at your slice of heaven.


Can you really see what needs to be changed when you are looking at it every day? How can you turn the vision in your head, into a reality in your home? How can you create a home that should be on the cover of House & Home magazine?

“When the house is ready I will have people over”. Will it ever be ready up to your standards? You are your own worst critic. The next time you play host to friends or family, you should be focused on enjoying their company, not worrying about the way your home looks. So, when will you be hosting next?

How Wolfe-Rizor Interior designers can help.

We are Abigail and Hattie! A mother and daughter interior design duo with decades of experience.

Our clients might have a very particular vision, or they might have a feeling about their home décor. Our mission is to make that vision come to life. We use our decades of experience to transform visions and feelings into homes that tell stories and create memories. We have redesigned single rooms, full 5-bedroom homes and everything in between. We have spent years bringing homes to life and creating one of a kind interior design in Winter Park.

We believe that interior design is about creating relationships – which is why our clients come back, its why we still speak to our clients 10-years on.

And it starts with a call:


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