Concept Development

Are you planning to have the interior of your home or a section of it redesigned or redecorated? The first thing most interior designers do is to sit down with you and come up with a design concept. This is the first step to concept development in interior design. The goal is to understand your desired outcome based on several factors, which an interior designer would analyze in terms of implementation. They will then incorporate their skills and knowledge in interior design to turn your visions into reality.

What is concept development?

It’s a process of creating a design concept which is the start of every good design. An interior designer is trying to solve a problem, which is to satisfy your interior decorating needs, and the concept will provide them the direction they need to make design decisions.

color wheel triadConcept development aims to create a roadmap for a design and lead to choices in aesthetics, type of design, color, and other considerations.

An interior design concept can be verbal or visual. The former, as the name suggests, is where you use words to describe what you want your home to look like after it’s redesign or redecorated.

Visual design concepts, on the other hand, put a specific color scheme or image into your ideas making it a little more concrete. It basically puts your ideas on paper.


How is a design concept developed?

Different interior designers go through it in their own individual way. There’s no one formula to generate an interior design idea, but there are parts of the process that every designer must go through.

An interior design concept is the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon. It exists as an idea first and is brought to reality through careful planning. At its best, an interior design concept is a visual theme that evokes a specific mood by strategically using color, space and style in tandem. It is the art bring an idea to reality.


Defining a problem

How else can you solve a problem if you don’t know what it is to begin with? At this stage, a designer will talk to you and ask questions about your goals for the redesign, color scheme, choice of accessories, and the like.

The goal is to find out what you want so they can provide the appropriate solutions.



We start with an interior design concept that appeals to your taste and style. We take our time developing a theme that not only speak to you but speaks volumes about who you are. We believe that every color, every ornament, every piece of furniture says not only says something about who you are, but it will affect your life daily.



We get to know your style and speak your language. We stay away from crazy interior design jargon. We are an interior designer in Winter Park, we are family owned and operated and we have over 30 years’ experience. That’s who we are, now we want to get to know you.

Each client communicates in their own unique way. If you know exactly, what you want, if you just have an idea or if you just know it’s; time for an upgrade, we can help. And it starts with an interior design concept.


Concept research

Most of the time, you know what you want to see but you may not be able to convey everything. This is why interior designers need to research into their industry to get a better understanding of the visions you have, some of which might have been influenced by design trends.

Once all the data is in, a designer will create a concept sheet for interior design.



Once you choose a them, it will influence all the following choices in color and type and guide every aspect and aesthetic in your home. Every design decision you make will come back to the theme chosen at the beginning.

Your design concept becomes the framework for all your design decisions.



Each home has its own strengths that a well picked interior design concept can and will highlight. Form and function have to be balanced and every project is a journey from thought to reality. Each room is considered part of the whole. Can we take advantage of natural light? Can we design a gallery wall here?


Why do concept development matters?

To help you choose the right interior design style

There are 8 popular interior design styles–Mid-century modern, industrial, nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, farmhouse, urban modern, and shabby chic.

Are you familiar with any of them? With the help of an interior designer, you will understand each style and make a better decision.

At Wolfe-Rizor Interiors, there are a number of interior design style that are popular and make up most of the interior design concepts that we create every day. Though each project is completely unique, these styles make up the most elegant and common themes that we find in upscale homes in Winter Park, Florida.


To better understand functionality

Concept design may begin with understanding the function of room to be designed or redesigned.

For instance, if you plan to use a room as a home office, an interior designer will take into account natural light, the use of light-colored wallpaper or fabrics, the appropriate choice of ergonomic furniture pieces, and other considerations.

Through concept development, your desired outcome will be achieved.