Design is changing and so are we! Over the years, our industry has evolved and Wolfe-Rizor Interiors sees this as an opportunity to share with you our experience. For over 22 years we have been doing interior design and wish to show our approach to living with “style”. With social media making design so accessible these days, WRI is launching its own blog.

Style has always played a big role in both Hattie and Abigail’s life. The mother-daughter team feels style is not only about aesthetics and personal expression but also about your own lifestyle. They have always felt style is more than just a beautifully decorated home. It’s a way of bringing family together, forming traditions, and creating beautiful lifelong memories.

With this blog we hope to be able to bring you into “our space” and give you ideas on how to bring your personal style into “your space”. Whether it’s all new furniture, changing the function of a room, creating an ambiance with flowers and the right music, or much more. We hope we can share some of our expertise and personal design experiences to make your home what you want it to be.


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