Celebrate Passover Seder With These Table Decor Ideas

Celebrate Passover Seder With These Table Decor Ideas

Seder table decor

Passover is one of the oldest and most significant holidays for the Jewish community as it marks the departure of the Israelites from ancient Egypt. Today, Passover is the chance to gather family and friends for an enjoyable dinner party. 


Table Decor Tips for Passover

Our interior designers in Orlando share a few ways to make this year’s Pesach more memorable with these five décor ideas for a Seder table with some style. Gut Yontiff!


Matzo Place Cards


Matzo is a staple in every Passover meal, but they can be more than ceremonial; you can also use your extra matzo as place cards at your Seder table. Just write each guest’s name on a piece of matzo using chocolate, let the chocolate set in the fridge, and arrange each of them on a lovely folded napkin. 


These place cards will not only make it easy for guests to know where to sit at the table, but they can also munch on the matzo while waiting for the main course. Kick it up a notch by making chocolate-toffee matzo place cards! Your guests will thank you for this geshmake snack.


Simple Seder Table Decor in Spring Colors


While a typical Passover table features Seder plates, matzo, and wine, that doesn’t mean you can’t add simple centerpieces to your Pesach table decor. Just as in any decor project, color and material selection is key. As Pesach takes place in the spring, opt for the bright colors of the season in your Passover decorations.


Small clusters of flowers in pretty vases can make wonderful centerpieces without overpowering the main stars of the Seder. Arrange fresh tulips and pussy willow twigs in vases and baskets across the table dressed in neutral-colored linen so they stand out.

Alternatively, create a seasonal tablescape with fruits such as pears, dates, and figs, among many others, so long as they are Pesach-certified. As a bonus, guests can nosh on the centerpiece fruits for dessert. 


If you prefer a simpler, understated aesthetic for your Passover decor, opt for a lovely candle arrangement on your Seder table instead. Enjoy this meaningful meal in the soft candlelight for a soothing ambiance.


Mini Seder Plates & Place Setting Table Decor


Especially if you have many guests, one of the best ways to make your guests feel welcome at the Seder table is to place additional Seder plates along the table to make sure all guests have everything they need within reach during the reading of the Haggadah. Each place setting should also include a wine glass, a water goblet, all the appropriate utensils for the meal, and a Haggadah so guests can follow along with the readings. 


Take it a step further with a few festive touches such as origami frogs and fun wine bottle covers.


Personalized Passover Keepsakes


If you’re looking for a unique favor to give to your loved ones for Pesach, consider a monogrammed handkerchief to place some of their matzo or an embroidered bag for the afikomen, the broken piece of matzo that’s hidden during the Passover meal. Unique Haggadah covers in a lovely print with a family photo on the cover is another great way to personalize a Passover keepsake for your guests. Add a simple bookmark so they can keep track of the readings as well. You can even create a simplified or even interactive Haggadah for the kids so they can follow along. 


Passover Preparation 

Finally, make sure that you have everything planned so you can relax on the night of the Seder. Shop for ingredients beforehand, set your décor, and make sure that you have all the help you can get in decorating your home and preparing the Seder meal. 


Passover is definitely a significant holiday in the Jewish culture. But more than the tradition itself, it is the chance to spend quality time with the closest people in your heart. So it’s only fitting that you make your home as hamish and welcoming as possible with these simple ideas. 


Whether you’re the balebus of a large Passover gathering or a more intimate celebration, contact us today to see how we can transform your home into the perfect place to host a Seder with our interior design services.

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