3 Tips to Decorate A Master Bedroom & Make it Beautiful

Why choose to decorate a master bedroom and make it sensational? Other than the pure joy of it, well you could also choose to transform your master bedroom because of the positive affect that the process will have on you! A great philosopher once said that the key to happiness is to make one room in your house as beautiful as you can, to devote your time, energy and soul into make that one room the most beautiful room you can. So we believe that sentiment, and you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to do it either, you can start with some tips from the pros and the will to do something truly grand. We can help you get there.

Before we crack into this topic, we recommend you save the interior design secrets for later, and don’t even worry about creating an interior design concept for now. Though both of those particular subjects will definitely be helpful, for now let’s focus all of our attention on decorating a master bedroom, your master bedroom to make it the most incredible room in your home.

1 – The Bed Is Your Priority

If the shoes make the man, the lipstick makes the woman then the bed makes the bedroom. I mean you can’t spell bedroom without bed. Your bed should be your primary focus on your journey to redecorate your master bedroom. And the bed can be broken into 3 elements:

  • Headboard

Here are a few tips. Taller headboards add more drama to your room. Color is vital and so are tufts. You can find a great selection of headboard at any local furniture store and you can also shop in antique furniture stores. Keep your mind open. You can also attach a headboard to most bedframes, especially if you have the handiest of handy men who can get the job done.1

  • Night Stands

Night stands are a part of the bed frame sister! Here are a few tips. It doesn’t have to by symmetrical. Think of a personality on each side of the bed. Consider what will be placed on those night stands: phone chargers, books, a glass of water. It MUST be slightly higher than your bed so break out your measuring tape. The best nights stands are at least 3 inches higher than your mattress. 2

  • Linens

A few  tips to decorate a master bedroom for ya! Thread count matters most. Always go for the high thread count. We spend one third of our lives asleep, so you owe it yourself to be comfortable. Get a duvet, even if you are in Orlando Florida, sweating, get yourself a fan and a duvet. Comfort it king.3

2 – The Art

The best way to make a master bedroom beautiful is to surround it will beautiful things. Simply put but difficult to put into practice. We have an entire blog post dedicated to wall decor tips and ideas, in which we interviewed local artists and decided that local is best.

You shouldn’t hold yourself back when you decorate your master bedroom. Give yourself room to explore and find art that speaks to you.

3 – Add Other Furniture

Chose the right size furniture. Look for a corner chair, an ottoman, book shelves and boxes under the bed. You can’t simply rely on the bed to give your master bedroom all the character it can get? These are the personal touches that you could possibly add to your master bedroom. 4

For more interior design tips, visiting our interior design blog. And if you need to get a little more out of your bed room redesign, give us a call!


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