2019 Interior Design Trends – What Designers Are Doing This Year

You don’t have to be an experienced interior designer in Winter Park, or some Manhattan decorator working for the rich and famous to learn benefit from the latest 2019 interior design trends. With just a few simple changes here or there, you can take advantage of some of these fantastic design trends that will be all the rage in 2019.

Less is More

No more clutter! That may have been the best way to make your home feel cozy in the past, now it’s a recipe for a nest and possible and intervention on hoarders. All 2019 Interior design trends point towards a minimal, almost functional home.

We aren’t saying that minimalism is taking off, but the trend to scale back is much more appealing to the trendy folks, especially in upscale places like Winter Park and Orlando. Shell homes and tiny homes have not made main stream news and we are years away from that kind of design trend, but we are looking at interiors that lean towards the less is more cliché.

That means:

  • Less on surfaces. Say goodbye to piles of magazines and books on coffee tables.
  • Fewer kitchen items. No more 18 deep spice racks, massive knife blocks, pans on wall hooks.
  • No more cluttered night stands.
  • Less couch cushions, or less colors on multiple couch cushions.

You can learn more tips at our interior design blog.

Unique, Handmade, One of a Kind

Etsy, local markets, interior designers on Pinterest. These are now the mecca for 2019 interior design trends. Why? Because no one wants the same cookie cutter art or ornaments hat you can buy at mass market stores or through amazon.

Design trends always lean away from the “norm”, especial interior design trends. So while everyone else is buying ornaments from Target, you are visiting you local hotspots and picking up art from local artists and buying hand crafted ornaments.

Check out the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival coming up and the Park Avenue Sidewalk Sale which takes place every few weeks! The key is to pick up something that Lydia down the street is not going to have. Find that unique touch for you home!

More Organic

Less tech, more tree – because we all have a google home and not enough house plants. 2019 trends point towards a move away from the tech heavy, high heat and humming toys that litter all of our homes. We don’t want to live like the Jetsons any more, we want to live like Gilligan’s Island.

Here’s how to incorporate more nature into your home in 2019:

  • More house plants. If you don’t have a green thumb then consider changing out roses in the kitchen at a minimum. You can also go for succulents and cacti because they won’t die as easily.
  • Think about a herb garden for the kitchen. You don’t have to get 10 herbs, maybe just start with the 2 you like the most.
  • Add more stones, rocks and minerals to your ornaments and collections around the house.
  • Choose more furniture made of natural wood!

It’s a 2019 interior design trend that will likely be with us through the next few years!

Boho Vibe

It’s about more than knowing how to choose a couch that reflects your style, it’s about piecing a room together and creating an interior design concept.

The bohemian vibe ties into the general design trend in 2019 that we see in all the previous mentions. Less is more, more organic – less tech and handmade ornaments. These is the theme of 2019. It’s a simple return to a more natural state and it’s a moment where art is imitating life. Doesn’t it feel like we have too much tech around us, too much social media? The current interior design trends show a return to a simpler time, and it’s about time indeed.


Abigail Rizor in Winter Park, FL on Houzz


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