How To Prepare a Home for An Open House

How To Prepare a Home for An Open House

a home prepared for an open house

Do you want your home to be noticed by buyers?

With so many properties on the market, most buyers find it difficult to choose. A serious buyer sees multiple properties in a day and may forget about your listing due to the myriad of options.

If you want your home to sell quickly, you have to make it stand out among other properties for sale. A little creativity can do wonders to make your house more appealing as well as your open house an event that serious buyers will remember.

If you’re struggling to prepare a home for an open house, consult an interior designer who offers staging for realtors to get your house ready to sell.

Preparing a Property for an Open House

Declutter, Clean, & Remove Personal Items

Donate, sell, or throw away superfluous household items you no longer want to keep and will not be used to prepare a home for an open house. Let go of unimportant things and focus on cleaning your home until it shines and getting rid of any unpleasant odors. Do not forget to make the kitchen look spotless by getting rid of grime and grease from top to bottom. This will show the potential buyer that the house is well-maintained. 

Next, pack your personal items like framed photos and sentimental pieces, keeping the decor minimal so that buyers can envision themselves living in the house.

** Remember: Smell is one of the most important senses to consider when staging a home for buyers. It’s the first thing that ever buyer notices when they walk into your home. So consider using an ozone machine to eliminate any home odors once and for all. They work like a charm and they are affordable.

Brighten Up the Space & Swap Light Fixtures

Light can completely transform a space, but when you’re preparing to sell a house, the prospective buyers should be able to see the potential a space has, so use brighter light bulbs throughout the house.

The fixtures can also make a big impact on a space, so if the ones in the home are a little outdated, it might be worth swapping them for new fixtures. There might even be fixtures you want to take with you to your new home, in which case they would need to be replaced as well. There are countless inexpensive options out there in a variety of styles that could work well in any space.

As any professional interior designer in Orlando would suggest, make use of the natural lighting by opening the blinds and even the windows on a fresh breezy day.

Fix, Replace & Paint

Fix or replace any faucets, windows, or switches that are damaged or non-functioning and make sure these things are up to code as well.

A fresh coat of paint throughout the house?including walls and cabinets?can make a world of difference in making a space feel new and clean.

It’s All in the Details

Details can go a long way in preparing a home for an open house and appealing to prospective buyers. Including things like plants, candles, and a few choice decor items can really make a space feel welcoming.

A vase of flowers by the window creates an idyllic vignette. Arranging a couple of chairs and a side table on the porch can help buyers imagine themselves relaxing outside on warm summer evenings. A bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen and a clutter-free counter space will highlight the beauty and functionality of the space.

There are so many small, simple ways to make a house cozy for people looking to purchase a home.

Style and Comfort

Always emphasize luxury and comfort as these are what buyers look for, especially after a hard day’s work, by focusing on color and material selection. For example, layer different textures on the bed to make it a cozy space to relax.

Remember that buyers make an offer based on what they see and feel. You must set up your home that will highlight its best features.

Final Touches for the Open House

Adjust the thermostat so it’s a comfortable temperature inside the house, turn on all the lights, open the curtains, and light candles or use an oil diffuser with a relaxing scent. Make sure everything is in place. Offer potential buyers a beverage and some snacks during the open house.

These basic steps to get ready for an open house will make buyers remember your property, even after viewing several others, and could lead to an offer.

If you need assistance to prepare a home for an open house, the professionals at our interior design firm in Winter Park will make your home more appealing to buyers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our interior designers.

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