Stacking Logs for a Welcoming Hearth

Custom log niche Central Florida interior designA fireplace. Nothing creates a feeling of home, offers a perfect focal point, and draws the family together like a crackling fire. Even though we live in Florida, where we don’t usually need them for warmth, our design clients often incorporate fireplaces in their homes. We love working with families to enhance the hearth of their home, and one way to do this is with a stack of logs.

We look at log stacks as a sculptural element that introduces natural texture and a different version of neutral tones into a home design. While basic hardwood logs for everyday burning are available here at Publix and Home Depot, consider something different for a permanent log stack that you will keep next to your fireplace all year round. This is especially helpful in creating a more natural, authentic look when you have a gas fireplace.


stacking logs Winter Park interior designFirst consider the placement- how do you want the logs to be held? Sometimes we create a built-in niche next to the fireplace for logs. Elegant log carriers are available from several sources, some of our favorites come from CB2 or Rejuvenation Hardware. We like to use birch logs, which we source from Canada or Wisconsin, for these installations. When you order, whether from a supplier out of state or by the cord locally, you can even get them cut to the correct length so they will fit your niche or log carrier.

Think of your logs not as utilitarian fuel, but as a piece of art that adds ambiance to your family’s favorite gathering place. Choose a holder and wood that reflects your style, that you’ll love looking at every day. It’s just another way we help you create a life that you love in your home.

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