Finds in Uncommon Places

Great ‘finds’ can make any room. Known for her sharp wit and her fabulous stories, Hattie Wolfe describes a beautiful ‘find’ she found in an unusual spot.

“We were walking down the street in Paris and were intrigued by a unique window display of a butcher shop. Interested in a paper mache horse head that hung on the back wall, I asked the butcher if he would be willing to sell the horse to me. To which he responded in broken English, ‘we don’t sell horse meat’. After further gesturing and pointing, the butcher understood the request and went to ask his associate if this was possible. When he got the okay, he proceeded to raise the asking price that I had given him. Needless to say I bought the horse and carried it on the plane home, with the animal resting in my husband’s lap for the length of the flight. Thankfully it is very light!”

To this day, this piece hangs in Hattie’s kitchen, reminding us of a rare find in an uncommon place. This knack for rare finds must run in the family, as Hattie’s daughter is also known for extraordinary discoveries. In Abby’s kitchen, her light fixture (pictured above) is made of a Greek sponge basket from Tarpon Springs found many years ago.

“When I saw it, I knew I wanted to use it somewhere later on. With this particular job, I didn’t want a conventional chandelier over the kitchen table. It makes for a unique application and a great conversation piece.”

Unique pieces like these can make any room. Further proving that you never know what you are going find where!



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