Decorate Your Home with Fall Colors

Decorate Your Home with Fall Colors

neutral fall colors decor featuring a white pumpkin, white knitted blanket, and fairy lights

As the leaves change and fall to the ground, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the season of harvest – autumn. While this time of the year is brief, its impact can be felt in the way people embrace it. Whether you live in an area that exhibits the seasons wonderfully or not, you can capture the feeling of autumn when you decorate your home with fall colors beyond yellow, orange, and red. Our interior designers in Orlando share a few autumn color trends to inspire your new space.


Autumn Colors to Use in Home Decor

Shades of Green

Green can easily reflect each season throughout the year depending on the shades that you choose. It grounds the space in nature and can evoke a sense of growth, stability, and tranquility, so it’s often best used in a living room.

Opt for an emerald green statement, either on your walls or even a velvet couch for a luxe, cozy atmosphere. For a more relaxed vibe, sage green can look beautiful with a more rustic, countryside style of interior design. While the cottagecore aesthetic was a popular spring design trend, it translates beautifully into autumn with a few harvest details and fall colors.

Teal and other blue-green shades combined with wood details in the furniture or structural elements offer a touch of elegance to a space for an alternative approach to an autumn color palette.


Neutral Fall Colors

As a professional interior design firm in Florida, we can honestly say that neutrals are timeless; grey, taupe, beige, white, cream, and so on will never go out of style and look fantastic with other color combinations as well. The key to choosing neutral colors is to pay attention to the undertones.

A cool-toned gray, for example, looks great with a muted orange or mustard since yellow-orange and cool colors like blue and purple are complementary. A warm-toned gray with reddish undertones is lovely when paired with a deep green or blue.

Patterns and textures as well as color and material selection can also transform the use of a neutral from spring or summer to autumn. Plaid is perhaps the quintessential pattern of autumn, and a gray plaid throw pillow or blanket on a sofa or a reading chair can transition a space into autumn. 

A completely neutral color palette for autumn can also be achieved by using different hues as well as natural materials. A small side table or a bookcase that showcases the natural wood grain of the piece can add some of the warmth that generally characterizes autumn. Metallic finishes such as bronze and copper can completely elevate a space when you decorate your home with fall colors.


Soft, Pastel Autumn Color Palette

While nothing says cozy like the organic fall colors primarily associated with autumn–deep oranges, reds, and mustards–a pastel autumn color palette is a different way to approach seasonal decor. Pastel colors are light, soft, and calming; don’t be limited to just spring to use these pretty shades in your home decor.

Pumpkins are, perhaps, the ultimate symbol of autumn, so it’s no wonder pumpkin decor is among the first to adopt the pastel autumn color palette trend. Arrange small clusters of pastel pumpkins throughout your home in areas such as the mantel, the coffee table, or as the dining table centerpiece. 

Textures are a great way to up the cozy factor, so you can layer your bed, sofa, or reading chair with a knitted pastel throw blanket or a fun themed cushion. 


Using Fall Colors In Your Home with Wolfe-Rizor Interiors

Regardless of whether you like to stick to classic fall colors or you like to try some of the newer autumn decor trends, do what makes you happy in your own home. If you’d like a bit of guidance to bring your autumn color visions to life, contact our interior design team to get started.


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