5 Interior Design Secrets to Help Sell Your Home Quickly

You thought it was easy. You just take photos of your home, list it on Zillow and potential buyers would just start coming in. But as you probably know by now, selling a home requires more than that. And ask any of the many interior designers in Winter Park and they’ll tell you that selling your home is an art.

The South Florida housing market it exploding at the moment. Requests for staging for realtors has increased, the number of homes sold has increased and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Though build-to-rent numbers are through the roof, the South Florida housing market rebounded in May and is only growing healthier.

So if your house has been sitting on the market for some time now, here are five interior design secrets to finally attract potential buyers and convince them to make the purchase:


[1] Remove any personal items.

This trick is easy and will cost you nothing, but it will have a huge impact on the sell-ability of your house.

Remove all personal items if you can. Pictures, trinkets, pictures on the refrigerator. Anything that may interrupt the buyers ability to imagine themselves in the house.

Your goal here is to let a potential buyer imagine this house as his own, so it’s very important to de-personalize the space, especially in the living room, kitchen and bedroom that hold the most importance for most home buyers.


[2] Improve your lighting.

LampAny interior designer will tell you that good lighting can instantly transform even the most boring space and bad lighting can easily destroy even the most stylish rooms.

Take a look at the light bulbs that you are using to see if they are soft, relaxing or cold. Your base lighting should be your overhead light, which will provide most of the illumination in your space and you can add lighting accents to set the mood and add drama to the space.

Avoid fluorescent lighting as it is reminiscent of clinical environments. Go for warm lighting for a cozy effect or cooler lighting to imitate daylight depending on which part of the house you’re working with.


[3] De-clutter.

boxYou’ve heard this many times from Marie Kondo and you’re going to pack anyway, so use this time to get rid of stuff that you won’t be using in your new home.

To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, go through one room at a time and prepare a box for donations and a bin for trash so it’s easier to sort through things.

All the things that you want to keep should be organized or stored neatly in storage boxes to instantly attract tidy potential buyers and inspire those less organized ones.


[4] Clean your house thoroughly.

starIf you want your house to sell fast, you need to make sure that every square foot it squeaky clean. Tackle every room in your house and thoroughly clean areas that you probably neglect during a regular house cleaning.

You can even hire professional cleaners to make sure that your house is spotless to impress buyers.


[5] Bring the plants in.

plantFinally, after you removed your personal items and de-cluttered your house, it could start to feel less lived in and you don’t want your potential buyers to feel that.


Aside from keeping paintings and some décor, you can add plants and flowers to make the space more inviting and lived in. Those pops of color should be placed in your living area, dining room and kitchen to give your house that cozy and airy vibe that a lot of homebuyers are looking for.


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