Save your Summer Memories: Elegant Ways to Display Family Photos

We hope you had a summer full of travel, adventure, sunshine and happy times spent with family. Now that the kids are back in school, you might have a bit more free time to focus on design projects at home. It’s a great time to think about preserving and displaying memories to carry the summertime spirit with you all year long.

One of the first things we address with clients is making the most of their family photos. So many people have rows of mismatched frames scattered all over the house, collecting dust and creating clutter. We often suggest gathering the photos into a classic leather bound album like this one from Smythson that can be kept on a coffee table

It’s a great idea to buy four or five of the exact same design, so the display will stay cohesive as your photo collection grows. That way the photos can be viewed whenever you want, but they don’t distract from the clean lines of our interior design.

A photo wall is another favorite technique. For over 20 years, Hattie Wolfe has had a large photo wall in her dining room, with 24 identical 8×10 matted frames. She frequently changes out the photos, making sure that every family member is equally represented. The display has grown over time, and Hattie’s children and grandchildren always eagerly check the wall to see which of their pictures have been chosen!

Fall is a perfect time to organize your home and reclaim your space from the chaos of summertime, and getting your photos in order is a great place to start! We hope you’ll find these ideas helpful as you preserve your summer memories.



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