The Great Outdoors

One of the great privileges of living in Florida is our ability to enjoy outdoor spaces all year round. When our clients commission us to design their homes, we always integrate the indoors and outdoors to make the environment flow.

Inside, it begins with maximizing views, keeping the window treatments minimal and not blocking windows with large pieces. We allow lakes, beaches, and pools to beckon the viewer beyond the inside living area to the great expanse outdoors.

Outside, we use the same custom treatments and luxurious finishes as we do indoors, while taking care to choose items that resist rust and fading in the sun. Outdoor fabrics have come a long way from the plastic protectors of the midcentury, and we choose ones that feel and look plush and welcoming.

We like to include large custom statement pieces to set the tone. For a client with a large family, Abigail Rizor custom made a blue and white tile table using Tabarka tile on a custom cement base. Crowned with a custom chandelier, this table seats twelve and is perfect for family gatherings.

We like to group outdoor furniture in conversation areas around focal points like fire pits, water features, and sculptures, while keeping the seating movable, allowing groups to gather together however they please. With views like we have here in Florida, our simple and timeless designs provide comfort while allowing the beauty of nature to unfold.

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