The Resurgence of Wallpaper: From Closets to Ceilings, Finding Fresh Ways to Use Wallpaper

The Resurgence of Wallpaper: From Closets to Ceilings, Finding Fresh Ways to Use Wallpaper

resurgence of wallpaper in a tropical plant print combined with green chairs in front of a large window

Decorating improves the aesthetics of a specific space, making it more beautiful and functional. In the last several years, there’s been a resurgence of wallpaper to make things more exciting. These days, there are countless wallpaper patterns from classic to modern designs and everything in between. Selections range from bold graphics and patterns to nature-inspired designs.

Besides the variety of patterns, there are also different types of wallpaper you can use depending on the space, some of which are even renter-friendly. With so many options available, homeowners now have solutions that are accessible, affordable, and easily changeable, so luxury interior designers are finding fresh ways to use wallpaper


Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

Wallpapers have long been part of our history. Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV, used wallpapers to decorate her dressing rooms in her apartments in Versailles. 

Due to the updated technology and advanced printing methods, wallpapers became an ordinary design tool in every household. They were creative alternatives to fabric wall coverings and paintings. 

Improvements in the design, usability, and quality contributed to the revival of wallpapers. The digital age opened opportunities for artists and manufacturers to collaborate, offering those undergoing a home renovation or even updating a room a wider selection and numerous possibilities. As such, interior designers have thought of new ways to use wallpaper.

These possibilities make it more appealing to many consumers. Technology has made wallpaper more economical. Additionally, since these printed papers are easier to remove, they become convenient options for people who like to change things up.


Modern Ways to Utilize Wallpaper

Modern wallpapers can be used in different areas of a home. Besides wallpapering an entire room or just an accent or feature wall, there are fresh ways to use wallpaper that reflect your personality and style.


Ceilings are often one of the most overlooked surfaces in a space beyond a place to install light fixtures. Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is a fantastic way to incorporate a dramatic element in the room without disrupting the design and flow of the room. The use of wallpapers on your kitchen or study room ceiling can instantly transform the space. With an array of patterns as well as color and material selection, you can choose a variety of textured looks for your room, living area, kitchen, office, or studies.



Another fresh way to use wallpaper is on staircase risers for a stunning visual contrast. Doing so will give your staircase an extra pop of color or pattern and even make it a feature of the room.



Wallpaper usually has an absolutely beautiful design but might overwhelm the space, but you can frame some of it and display it in your home as art. A large enough framed portion of wallpaper can also serve as a backdrop. For renters in particular, who may be hesitant to invest in costly installation for a space they do not own, this is a temporary and cost-effective way to personalize a space.



This resurgence of wallpaper indicates that trends can be cyclical; it’s about changing the way they are utilized, a new approach.

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