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Sales is very much a game of perception and perspective, and perhaps the most important part of that equation is the art of the impression. When you hire an interior designer to stage a home you are hiring a partner with oodles of both. Interior designers who provide home staging services are artists who can provide that much needed tipping point to take a prospect to a sale.

Staging a House? Take It From the Experts

The real estate market is booming, which is good if you’re a realtor because it means more people are looking to buy their own homes. But on the other side, it also means that you’re up for some tough competition. This is when home staging plays an important role and you can never go wrong when you work with the experts.


Why is home staging important?

As a realtor, home staging can mean the difference between getting a property sold and being left behind by the competition. For us, all successful realtors should be good home stagers.

Homebuyers these days are more knowledgeable than they ever were and they are also more critical about the minutest details of a house. Staging highlights the best parts of a home and gives potential buyers a picture of what a property would look like if they lived in it.


Why Real Estate Agents Need Interior Designers


Interior designers in Winter Park know where to get the best deals on sofas and when to ask, we know how to negotiate for a free resurfacing with a table purchase and we have relationships with décor and furniture providers all over Orlando.

Why? Because this is our passion, our business and our daily life. Interior design services for real estate agents is an extension of that passion.

We have worked with high end showrooms all over Orlando – it’s what we do! When we partner with a real estate agent, we are not only bringing our expertise, we are bringing over 20 years’ experience in the interior design business as well as the contact list on our phones!


All the best Winter Park interior designers know that simply knocking down a wall to create more space, or adding a wall to split one room into two rooms, does not necessarily mean a higher price tag. Sometimes these interior design decisions and architecture changes can actually decrease the value of a home.

Our years of design experience and selling experience put us in a unique position to determine how the functionality and flow of a space can influence selling value.

We can identify the architectural details that will increase the value of a home. Saving money and increasing value.


We are acutely sensitive to style changes and sensibilities. Most of us will notice when tastes have changed, only after it is very apparent. But style and tastes are always changing in subtle but consistent ways.

Knowing how to mix traditional, old school cool, neo chic and modern sensibilities creates something that’s truly attractive. Even classic looks change slightly to illustrate some modern style. It’s inevitable. Interior design services for real estate agents is an investment in the style needed to sell more homes.

And it all starts with a well though out interior design concept.


As we mentioned, perspective is so important in sales and it’s easy to lose perspective when you are so close to a project and you are trying to sell, sell, sell a home!

Interior design services for real estate agents is a change of perspective.

Interior designers are always thinking about the homebuyer, who they are, what they are interested in and what appeals to them. Home staging is the art of making it stand out to a large audience, making them feel that this home was made for them.


What are some points to remember when staging a home?

The truth is, staging a home can be both time consuming and expensive if you don’t know exactly how to go about it. So, we gathered some useful tips for you to keep in mind when staging a home as a realtor:

Keep things to a minimum. One of the most common pitfalls of realtors is the thought that they have to fill a house with art, furniture and what not to make it attractive to buyers. But remember that you want the best qualities of a home to stand out, so it should not be overshadowed by anything else.


Keep the clutter away. If you’re staging a home that’s occupied, clutter could be a challenge. But you have to explain to the owners that they need to put some things away so buyers can really see the entirety of the house without getting distracted by toys lying around or the laundry spilling out of their baskets.


Keep the mood soft. From our experience, good lighting always works wonders when it comes to staging a home. Potential buyers are usually looking for that feeling that helps them decide if they should invest in a home or not. You can give them that feeling by creating a scene of warmth and comfort by utilizing a light source. Take advantage of the natural light that’s coming in from the windows, especially during the summer. And if you’re staging a home that doesn’t have large windows, use lamps that brighten up each area in the house.



Why should you work with us in staging a home?

You could be a beginner or a pro, but you may still have challenges in staging a home on your own. This is when we come in because we specialize in home staging and interior design among other things. We’ve been in this industry long enough to know which style fits any type of house best, so you can rely on us to help you with every step of your staging process.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we have to offer.


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