Nancy Meyers Kitchen Inspiration

Nancy Meyers Kitchen Inspiration

Nancy Meyers kitchen inspiration fromt he movie The Intern featuring blue cabinets, subway tile backsplash, open shelving, and a large island with a white countertop

No home is complete without a kitchen. It is the most important part of the home where the magic of preparing family meals happens. It is where bonding, sharing, and communication happen. Nothing embodies that more than a Nancy Meyers kitchen, the ones famously featured in her movies.

Whether you are working with new construction or are planning to give it a fresh makeover, the kitchen is also at the top of the list of rooms that you should truly invest in.

Kitchen remodeling can be challenging, but with the help of luxury interior designers in Winter Park as well as some Nancy Meyers kitchen inspiration, that comfortable and inviting space in her movies can become a reality.


Top Nancy Meyers Kitchen Designs

To have a Nancy Meyers kitchen is a dream for many because it always evokes a sense of home. Here are some of the popular Nancy Meyers kitchens to inspire your next kitchen design project.

Something’s Gotta Give

The kitchen in this 2003 Nancy Meyers movie is the perfect inspiration for a classic style, particularly in black and white interior design. The design elements of this Nancy Meyer kitchen feature traditional shaker-style cabinets, built-in book niches, not one but two kitchen islands, and abundant natural light. The sprawling kitchen as well as the design and personal elements are intended to fit Diane Keaton’s successful and accomplished character.

The Intern

Recreate Anne Hathaway’s Brooklyn townhouse kitchen with the perfect shade of blue and white subway tile. Opt for open shelving with a display of clay pots for your herbs, wooden utensils, and culinary essentials as well as pitchers on the top shelf.

It’s Complicated

This is probably the quintessential Nancy Meyers kitchen that everyone wants to have. Jane’s (Meryl Streep) kitchen showcases all her copper pots and white porcelain on open shelving and features a floating marble counter with rattan stools.

The gorgeous kitchen is open so it can be viewed from the dining room. The oval arch not only adds an interesting design element but also allows so much natural light to stream into the kitchen. The color and material selections in this kitchen, such as the combination of wood dining tables and marble countertops, add warmth to the kitchen.


How to Get that Nancy Meyers Kitchen In Your Own Home

While the kitchen is often the most expensive room to complete in a home renovation, there are simple ways to “Nancy Meyers” your kitchen.

  1. Display herbs and fresh flowers in clay pots. These elements are visible in every Nancy Meyers kitchen. Bring in the outdoors through fresh greenery.
  2. A bowl of fruits will add a pop of color to your counter. Make sure to include fruits you actually like, preferably if they are in season.
  3. Make sure to keep something delicious to eat like freshly baked goodies under glass cloches.
  4. Keep a crock of wooden spoons and other cooking utensils next to the stove. It not only looks lovely but is also practical.
  5. Display white ceramics or glass jars on open shelving.
  6. Hang copper pans to show off that beautiful color but make sure they are within arm’s reach.
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