How to Create a Stylish and Kid Friendly Room

How to Create a Stylish and Kid Friendly Room

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Designing and decorating a room whether a new one or an upgrade brings out the inner child in us. It can be a fun and exciting experience, even for interior decorators like us,  but a challenging one, too. Embarking on this journey is an opportunity to come up with a design that is stylish and kid-friendly. It should also serve multiple purposes while maintaining safety and comfort. Read through and be inspired in designing a bedroom, living room, or other parts of your home that your children can enjoy.


A kid friendly room must be clutter free that’s why storage is important when designing a kid’s room. There are many options to choose from depending on your needs and requirements.

A cube bookshelf can be used as a book and toy storage while the upper part can be utilized for adult decorations. Baskets and portable clear boxes are also great choices to easily identify what’s in each box.

A pull out storage or chest drawer that can be used as a study table should also be on your list. Any of these storage ideas will keep the room free from toys and other clutter.

Open Plan Home

If you are planning for a large family, consider the open plan home concept. With fewer walls or open living room, kitchen, and playroom, this allows you to keep an eye on your kids while preparing meals or still get to spend quality time with them.


For the kitchen, opt for a wood dining table as it has no sharp edges and most solid wood tables can handle food spills. Or you may consider a breakfast nook for simpler mealtime while giving them more space as they get older.

Stick to soft furnishings for the bedroom like rugs, bed linens, and cushions. Introduce texture, color, and pattern to your child by choosing linens of different colors and designs.


If possible, have a big window or an area with a full glass door where kids can peek outside. This is an opportunity to have an interesting conversation about nature, the weather, or other interesting things they can see outside.


Keep the walls simple and clean. But in your kids’ bedroom, opt for fun wallpapers that can be easily updated as they grow older. The same goes with the bathroom walls; choose bright colors while ditching out the patterns or animal prints.

Brightly colored rooms are not great options as kids easily get distracted with fun colors. Go for soft patterned wallpapers instead like constellations, butterflies, puppies, flowers, or cars.

While it is interesting and amusing to play with colors with lots of sparkles, it is important to exercise some restraint to avoid overdoing it. Instead of regretting your choices in the end, it is best to always consider keeping it simple, comfortable, and safe where they can rest after each day.


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