7 Interior Design Trends for Modern Home Everyone Needs to Read

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Interior design trends can transform every modern home these days into something of great value in the market and also a home that will turn heads. A place where guests want to be and a place you never want to leave!

If you are in the real estate business, perhaps this can get you ahead of the competition with some of these interior design trends for modern homes. You can also find 5 tips to sell your home quickly!

If you are a homeowner looking for some new inspiration to transform your modern home, well then you are in the right place!

We have gathers 7 of our favorite, easy to do, quick, and efficient interior design trends for modern homes.


[1] Local Art by Local Artists


Art inspired by local artists can influence your interior designs at some point. It would be a great help to interior designers if the client can articulate his or her vision for the decoration of commercial or residential space.

There are quite a number of interior design styles that you can use for your advantage. For instance, the abstract home design focuses on the unique architectural elements, while the art deco can be defined by some jagged, pointed edges.


[2] Smart Lights (For Your Google Home or Alexa)


Modern homes nowadays are designed to cater to the techie tenant or homeowner. So when it comes to lighting technology, it should work best with your Google Home. Indeed, if your house is Google Home or Assistant-enabled, there are smart light bulbs that should fit the description of a smart home.

These include the GE C-Life/C-Life Multicolor bulb, Wyze Bulb, and the Philips Hue A19 white bulb. These lights are so smart, you don’t even need a separate hub, as the bulbs connect directly to Wi-Fi. This enables you to tune the white balance inside your home like no other. At the same time, you can set it up to connect to your account and allows you to enable voice control that only you can command.


[3] Textured Walls

Did you know that textured walls can provide added warmth and character to your home? Transforming a blank wall in your interior by using textured walls can definitely add character and personality to your space.

Interior designers favor upgrading a flat wall using texture to instantly enhance a room and help mask any hint of wear and tear. Among the best approaches in adding texture to walls is using sanded paint, aside from lime wash and plaster treatments.


[4] Barn Doors

You should know that barn doors can add a bit of depth to existing décor in your house. This can be useful in beach, contemporary, modern, and rustic style homes. Barn-style interior designs are fun to create with many excellent ideas for décor choices.

Barn doors are a little pricey, yes, but they are the hottest of all interior design trends for modern homes right now. Barn door closet spaces and barn doors for the master bathroom are the best way to get a modern feel in every room of the house.


[5] An Air Purifier

It is important to keep homes safe from air pollutants to avoid major allergies and improve the overall quality of life in every home. That said, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the interior. In fact, there are air purifier designs that complement the aesthetic appeal of your home.

You cannot even think of a modern house without some form of focus on health or well being… and that’s exactly what an air purifier offers. Not only does it add to the overall modern interior design chic, but it does honestly provide a great health benefit to everyone!


[6] A Home Office

Modern houses have become a favorite place to work from home. But that must not disrupt the aesthetic beauty of your residence. So it must be designed to reflect the architecture and comfort of the rest of your house where you intend to build a home office or remote workspace.

We’ve discussed the best ideas for a temporary home office before, and that got some great feedback! Now we are talking about making your office a permanent fixture in your house. Almost all tips and lists of interior design trends for modern homes will include a home office now more than ever. A home office communicates that modern vibe instantly.


[7] Neutral Colors

Are you accustomed to decorating your home with neutral colors? You can easily add personality to your rooms and accent into your interior by decorating with neutral paint colors. They include black, gray, white, and sometimes beige and brown.

Neutral is the way to go! And don’t just think about the walls, think about the floors, ceilings, and furniture as well.


For more tips about interior design and interior decorating, we always recommend checking out our interior design blog. There are lots of places to find great advice online as well, and even social media. Pinterest is a great place to start!

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