5 Trends to Define Interior Design This 2020

5 Trends to Define Interior Design This 2020

tranquil dawn color

New year, new design trends—that’s how it’s always been in interior design. But 2020 is a bit different. This year marks a new decade and a new revolution in the industry, one that involves bolder choices, surprises and a lot of unexpected trends that will define the future of interior design.

So let’s get into it. Lets talk design trends for this coming decade. Can we predict the next few phases of interior trends that will culminate in the new roaring twenties?

It’s not going to be easy! Have you seen the Tesla Cybertruck? Is this the design trend we have to look for in 2020 and beyond?

Probably not, but radical changes like this signal a willingness for people to accept the extraordinary. And we’ve done this before. We predicted 2019 design trends and we nailed it.

So let’s see what that may lead us…

Quick Tip: The Road Less Traveled

road less traveledInterior design has evolved so much over the last decade, but it also resulted in too many on-trend styles that people have already outgrown. This year will be all about the road less traveled or off-trend styles that offer a break from the monotony of the same styles being repeated over and over again.

The trend also follows the mindset of new homeowners in curating their homes.

Hygge and West co-founder Christiana Coop said: “People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or social media.”

We say it to clients all the time: be yourself. Finding your own style is usually not as difficult as making that style come to life in a room. That’s where interior designers can help, there’s no doubt about that. But you can also find that voice. When you feel like a room design is not working, do something COMPLETELY different. Break your own mold, and travel the road less traveled!

[1] Blue IS The New Black

Pantone somehow surprised everyone when it announced classic blue as the Color of the Year for 2020. But really, something as classic as this color could never go wrong in any space and any style that a lot of interior designers are already loving it.

Classic blue is exactly that, a classic. It’s clean and elegant without screaming too loud, which is why it’s perfect for the beginning of the decade.

And here’s the thing, blue is the new black, is not a new concept. Like most of the design trends we follow, they are borne of designs from the past. The New York Times declared blue is the new black in 2009. They were talking about the coming decade. But they may have been 10 years too early. Black dominated the 2010’s and did up until recently.

Black meant chic, defined and striking luxury. But beige has railroaded that slightly and now blue has found an opening as an alternative to black.

[2] Less is More Redefined

The term “less is more” is taking a new meaning this year, thanks to more homeowners realizing the ecological implications of their purchases.

With the revival of personal style, people are thinking more about the long-term when buying furniture for their home. They will be investing in fewer yet more high quality pieces that could evolve with their home and style.

And minimalism is making waves in the community. at the end of the 1990’s, which was just 20 years ago, more was more. Homes were expected to be packed from floor to ceiling with stuff. And, somehow, everything is supposed to be clean and organized? As if you could dust well with 19 ornaments on the fire place.

Less is more. There’s a magnetism to a clean, well organized home. The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West home tour was a little oddly minimal. They have designed their home to be as minial and as luxurious as possible. Minimal is the new elegance. Think Egyptian royalty and not McCallisters from Home Alone.

Kim and Kanye are unique so don’t be going too far with it. But keep in mind that minimal is chic.

[3] The Mood of Tranquility

tranquil dawn colorAlthough Pantone is more popular, Dulux Color of the Year 2020 also reflects what the world badly needs for the new decade, a renewed sense of connectivity and tranquility.

Tranquil Dawn, which is basically a soft and neutral shade of green, offers that mood and it could easily adapt to different palettes making it an instant favorite among interior designers.

“Colour of the Year has four supporting trend palettes. A mix of complimentary greens and dark charcoal accents, pulled together to show how Tranquil Dawn can be best used in our homes.

‘The colours within all palettes including have been inspired by the changing sunrises that paint the sky in different seasons. They have been designed to make decoration with Colour of the Year simple.”

[4] Luxury With a Natural Twist

Luxurious materials and fixtures that have been used to create modern minimalist homes have dominated interior design for many years. But this time around, natural materials will take center stage, as they will be given a luxurious twist.

Marble will see more use not only in bathrooms and kitchens but also in accents like candleholders, vases and bowls. Linen will also make a big comeback, this time in more beautiful jewel tones that put a new take on boho style.

[5] A New Decade, A Fresh Start For Interior Design

The mantra for interior design this year is really about taking a new approach and steering away from the usual. Homeowners are already a lot smarter not only in working with small spaces but also in investing for their homes.

But prediction is tough. Even color forecasting can be difficult. It’s all about interior design concept development. Understanding how concepts influence design is the key to understanding the coming trends.

So, we’ll be seeing more styles that reflect the personality of homeowners this year and in the coming years.

And somethings just can’t be predicted. I mean look at this truck.

Happy designing!

Tesla Cybertruck

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