Romance is in the Air: 4 Ways To Create Space for Romance in your Home

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been giving some thought to making a special place in our home as a couple’s getaway. There are the classic Valentine’s Day décor ideas like covering the ceiling with balloons or scattering red rose petals on the floor, and a quick Pinterest search yields lots of cheesy, sappy ideas for ‘romantic’ rooms with ruffles, florals and other Victoriana. Not really what we find romantic. This got us thinking about what makes a room romantic, really? For us, it comes down to a few key elements: texture, lighting, intimacy, and ambiance. Let’s break it down to find the secret to romance.

1. Texture

First comes Texture. There’s nothing better than some luxurious fabric to encourage closeness and togetherness. Soft, fluffy blankets in fabrics like cashmere and velvet wrap around you make snuggling irresistible or beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets to slip under to help you create a love nest that you’ll never want to leave.

2. Lighting

Anyone who’s tried to gaze into their lover’s eyes under harsh lights (especially those of us over 40) knows the impact of lighting on romance. When designing a romantic space, always go for low lighting. We recommend putting your light fixtures on a dimmer to soften a room even when romance is not in the air.

And there’s nothing more romantic than candles. We always use candles in all of our homes we design. We often use several candles clustered together on a dining table to create a warm glow for a romantic dinner or one strategically placed on a bedside table illuminate the bedroom and add that touch of romance.

3. Intimacy

These days it can be hard to connect with your Valentine especially in some of today’s jumbo sized homes. A great way to create connection is to get closer. We like to create conversation areas in any room we do. Place two club chairs across from one another at the end of a bed where you can share a great glass of wine or how about a master bath tub where both of you can relax at the same time. The closer you are the more likely there will be a spark.

4. Ambiance

When all is said and done what really creates romance is ambiance. This wine room is just one of many romantic spaces we’ve created over the years. The angled ceiling and warm colors make it the perfect spot for a couple to enjoy one-on-one time.

Think about all five senses- include your favorite fragrances in your couple space, textures that are soft and inviting, beautiful images for the eyes, music to delight the ears, and, like in this room, wine and cheese (or chocolate!) to tempt the palate. Romance doesn’t work according to a formula…Neither does style. Romance is personal and your couple’s space should be too.  These are just a few tips to help you pull off that perfect Valentine’s Day…and don’t forget the perfect gift, our biggest tip of all.

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