5 Quick Decorating Tips for Fall 2020

This may be the first time in history so many people in so many countries all over the world have been stuck in their homes for such a long time. This pandemic has given us all a strange new outlook on life.

In fact, Americans have become more focused than ever on the interior design of their own homes since the beginning of the pandemic. The next phase of the pandemic has been called the redecorating phase, which is one reason interior designers have experienced a recent uptick in project offers.

It’s also given most of us time to really look at our homes with a new perspective. Interior designers, renovators and landscape engineers have actually seen an increase in business during the pandemic.

Now that fall is right around the corner, you can’t miss the opportunity to spruce up your home and really embrace one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

It doesn’t matter if you are only having a few family members over or are self-quarantining, decorating your home for fall is the best way to keep spirits up and surround yourself with the kind of beauty that you need every day.

Here are five quick fall decorating tips to inspire you:


[1] Get inspired by nature’s colors.

Fall is the easiest time of year to pick a color theme and one of the best times to be creative.

It’s not hard to pick a color scheme for your décor because you only need to mimic the nature’s changing hues during fall. This is the perfect time to bring out those rustic furniture and neutral-themed decorations and layer them with some gold accessories.

You can also pick some fallen leaves, twigs and other natural decorations to incorporate into your interiors.

But here’s the thing. Some people may think that the limited fall color pallet will limit their creativity but we whole-heartedly disagree. We think that very limit color pallet is exactly what you need to really unleash your decorating potential.

We find that creativity can really explode when you are given a boundary, a limit or in this case, a set number of colors to use. You’ll be forces to use your decorating skills to expand your creativity in other ways.


[2] Make your space extra cozy.

Fall means colder weather, hot chocolates and a lot of time curling in the couch or snuggling in bed.

Around the country, things are going to slowly slip into the crisp and cool fall temperatures and homes will be our refuge from the chill weather outside.

Now that everyone’s quarantining at home, you have to make your living and sleeping areas extra cozy by throwing some additional pillows and blankets that will surely come handy during those movie nights with the family. So break out your linens and throw a few blankets over the sofa.

If you have the budget to purchase new fall inspired home décor, then consider rugs. You can put some faux fur rugs around your space to give it that homey feel. And trade the coffee table for an oversized ottoman. You can add a few of your favor fiction books to the dinning room table and shelves in the living room to give your home that cozy feel.

Add a few fall scented candles around the house to give that extra little touch.

[3] Enjoy your outdoor space.

Sure, the air will be a lot colder come fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the crisp autumn air.

Make your outdoor space more fall-friendly by adding some string lights, throw pillows, lanterns and plush blankets for those barbeque nights on the patio or just a night of relaxing under the stars while you’re enjoying your s’mores and hot chocolate.

A firepit is a perfect way to enjoy a glass of wine with the family on a

chilly Thursday night. Look for patio furniture that includes a fire pit or make your own as a side project.

[4] Bring your candles out.

If there’s one season where candles are the perfect home accessory, it has to be fall. So if you love collecting scented candles, it’s time to bring them out and fill your home with the beautiful sights and scents of fall.

You can also add a basket of fresh apples on your kitchen countertop or dinner table for that added hint of autumn. You can even turn those fresh apples into candleholders by sticking a candle on a freshly cored apple.


[5] Make your fireplace the star of the show.

Your fireplace should be the focal point of your entire fall decoration and you can make it cozier by adding a wicker basket, some rustic furniture and a floral arrangement to bring your fall-theme together in your living room.

Let your kids join in on the fun by making wreath decorating a fun family activity.

Finally, you can’t decorate for fall without adding some wreaths in your doors. Follow the natural theme by putting some acorns, plaid ribbons, twigs and leaves.


Fall is definitely the best time to really embrace the joy of staying at home with your family. Although the world is filled with uncertainties, we should never forget to embrace the beauty of nature during one of the most beautiful times of the year.


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