Black and White Interior Design: How To Be Bold With This Classic Combo

Black and White Interior Design: How To Be Bold With This Classic Combo

black and white interior design mood board featuring different materials in black and white

For most people, the thought of a black and white interior design combo in a house could mean boring, predictable, or cold. But if done properly and with the help of luxury interior designers in Winter Park, this simple combo can have a huge impact on the look of your home.

Black and White Interior Design Tips

Find the right balance.

When using two colors in interior design, most designers stick with a 70/30 rule to find the right balance between colors without overpowering the other. 


Decide which one will act as the dominant color and use the other as the accent color. For instance, in your black and white living room décor, you can paint the walls white and choose a large black sofa as the centerpiece of your living area. You can then use both colors in the accessories and fixtures of the room to create the perfect contrast between them.


Play with patterns and textures.

One of the easiest ways to avoid a flat and boring design with black and white décor is to play with patterns as well as color and material selection


Choose fluffy throw pillow covers for your living room, marble tiles in your black and white kitchen décor, or a patterned rug in your dining area. Don’t be afraid to go bold with patterns but combine them with solid pieces to create that perfect juxtaposition in your space.

Make black the dominant color.

An all-white house with hints of black everywhere can easily evoke that minimalist, modern vibe that’s such a trend these days. But what if you reversed that idea and leaned into the moodiness and elegance of a predominantly black room with white accents? Redefine how big the room feels by painting the walls and the ceiling the same color.


Combine different styles.

It’s easy to find black and white décor in different periods and styles because they’re such classics. To play up your interiors, try to look for both old and new furniture, accessories, art, or other objects that you can display around your house to add a bit of character. Even mismatched furniture can look sophisticated when you combine styles that complement each other. With a black and white interior design concept, the color palette could tie all these elements together so you have room to be a little more adventurous.


Take the drama to the bathroom.

If you’re not ready to go bold in the common spaces of your house just yet, opt for black and white bathroom décor to start. The contrast of black and white colors in a bathroom can easily make the room look chic; the black and white motif is a classic bathroom aesthetic.


Achieving a Black and White Interior Design Aesthetic with Professionals

When it comes to good interior design, it’s all about finding the right balance in everything, even with a simple, limited color palette. 

Work with professionals on the concept development of your black and white interior design ideas to achieve your vision for your dream home. Contact our interior design team today to schedule a consultation.

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