Top 4 Interior Design Trends for the Roaring 20s

Top 4 Interior Design Trends for the Roaring 20s

We can all speculate as to how COVID-19 has changed interior design, but the truth is, we are just getting into the real effects now. All interior design for new construction will be brought with the challenges of creating modern spaces in a post-pandemic world. The year 2020 has been a long and rough ride, and it’s the more reason for us to look forward to 2021. With so many things that are happening this year, 2021 is something most of us are excited about.

One of the best ways to celebrate New Year is to reinvent and redecorate our homes, offices, home offices, or rooms to make them more comfortable and attractive.

While decorating your interiors is fun and exciting, it also requires a proper selection of design and style that suits your preference and taste. To make the activity a success, we have come up with the most stylish interior design trends in 2021.


[1] Think About Colors Differently


Colors inspired by your own local area can influence your interior designs at some point. And interior designers are looking into these trends on a very local level. Miami Modern and Winter Park loft styles will be different but incredibly unique in their own ways. Color is an interior design trends in 2021 that will remain very specific.

Darker blue shades are the new black in 2021 but the black and white combination is still going to be a trend. A room painted with a combination of classic and black colors will provide more natural light, and makes the space look tidy, warm, and cozy.

A neutral color palette like beige and gray also remains to be the top choices along with muted colors for that clean, fresh, and calm effects. But if you want to add some colors, opt for tones that blend with neutrals like yellow, green, and blue.


[2] Natural Materials


As the years and technology progress, we have become more distant from nature. With that, the 2021 interior design trend will bring nature to our homes to make us feeling fresh and relaxed. This season, plastic, metals, and synthetic materials will be replaced with natural materials particularly for furniture and other wood surfaces.

Expect to see more stone textures, decorations made of wood, living indoor plants, floral prints, and images of plants, leaves, animals, and such. Fall in love with interior decorations made of rattan or bamboo.

Make the room cozier by choosing natural fibers with different nature designs. It helps to integrate various environmental elements into our daily life and bring the outdoors into our homes.


[3] Minimalist


With so many life-changing events that happened this year, we all look forward to getting out from this; and what better way to do that than opting for a simple interior design in 2021.

Coming home to a space with modern interior design but with fewer elements is refreshing. Skip the non-essential elements and opt instead for classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Also, prioritize well-made pieces that are stylish yet functional.

Whether you are decorating your workspace or personal space, it is important to have it designed according to your personal preference. If you are looking into interior design ideas for your homes, it should create that homey and comfortable feel.

After all, the home is the most important place in any person’s life where we can have the privacy that we want, relax, entertain, and spend time with our loved ones. Our home provides us the security and belongingness that we need. Most of all, it is the place where we always come to after a busy day.

Moreover, decorating, re-arranging, and reinventing your space is a celebration of individual style, taste, and preference.


[4] Green and Holistic 


Bringing the outdoors in and mixing natural elements within your home is going to be the top interior design trend in 2021. What’s going to matter more than ever is defining flow. Not only will a general home flow work well in this post-pandemic, everyone stuck at home but 6-feet apart from the world, but it will also influence the spaces between spaces. The line where outdoor and indoor meed. That holistic approach to these very specific spaces is going to make all the difference.

Add to the fact that the biggest generation since the baby boomers, the Millennials, love the green approach and they are entering the housing market with a vengeance.


For more tips about interior design and interior decorating, we always recommend checking out our interior design blog. There are lots of places to find great advice online as well, and even on social media. Pinterest is a great place to start!

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