Wall Décor Tips & Ideas

Wall decor is usually not a priority when decorating a house. Most people focus on the ground up: furniture, counters, shelves and then wall décor. This is an ‘okay approach’ to home decorating but a good interior designer doesn’t neglect the walls and keeps the walls in mind from the very start!

One of the best ways to really show off your home is with decorated walls.These are the wall décor ideas you can use for your Orlando home.

Top Wall Décor & Design Tips:

1 – Create a Color PaletteColor wheel for wall decor

As you get started, use these wall décor tips while you design around the house.

Use a color scheme designer to create a great color scheme; Paletton is a great tool for this purpose! You can pick a base color, and from that you can determine the best shades to use and which complimentary colors to use. Complimentary colors are great for accents. Don’t settle for colors that match, throw in a few complimentary colors to really make your wall décor stand out.

2 – When In Doubt; Pick a Theme

If you are having trouble starting, if you need ideas for your gallery wall, or you can’t decide how to organize wall décor within a certain room, always decide on theme. It’s funny how too many choices can actually paralyze us [1].

Limit yourself to a theme and you will actually really open up your creative juices [2]. The best way to pick a theme is to start with something you like, something that interests

you. It could be flowers, movie stills, streets in Rome, food, music. Find your passion and pick your theme from that. This is perhaps the best wall decor tip we can offer!

3 – Remember the Surroundings

The furniture, cabinets and shelves around your wall decoration affect design quality. Keep in mind all the elements that surround your well décor and where your décor will hang. A good rule of thumb is the 60-inch rule. Measure 60 inches from the floor and hang your art, picture, décor at the center from that point.

When hanging art near windows or doors, don’t align the top of the peice exactly with the top of the window or door frame—always a few inches lower (sometimes higher) depending on the size of the art!

4 – Nothing is Permanent

Remember to experiment, nothing is permanent! Throw something on the wall and see if it fits. If you aren’t an interior designer, you can experiment and gain the experience by trying new things. Put something on the wall and see what it looks like. You can always take it down.

We asked a local Meghan Starling, a local Winter Park artist where she would recommend hanging your favorite art pieces.

“The best room to hang art in the house…I’m a big advocate of art in every room—including the bathroom! But if you’ve got to pick one place to start with, I’d say put it in the room YOU are going to spend the most amount of time in. What a missed opportunity to put it in the room you never use but you think your guests might see! And if you are thinking about changing up your mantle, remember—a good piece of art that you connect with tells a story much deeper than a mirror nobody ever looks in.”

You can see more of Irma’s work on her Instagram page; @Meghan_Starling or at her website at Meghan Starling Art.

Types of Wall Decor

Now that you have an idea about how to decorate your walls, now we can move on to the types of wall décor.


1 – Large Scale Art

One of the easiest ways to decorate a wall is with a large piece of art. Filling large spaces on the wall can be really intimidating. So, Fill the entire space in one swoop.

Large pieces are expensive, so shop around at local art shows and look online for great deals. Find the perfect piece of art to fill your wall. The right large piece can really make a home feel luxurious and is among the best wall decor tips for decorators without a budget.

2 – Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to get the most out of your wall. The most important design tip for gallery walls is to maintain consistent spacing between picture. Also, consider an anchor piece to hold the entire wall together.

Start with a theme and work your way out!

3 – Fabrics

Fabric wall art is a really unique and inexpensive way to decorate a wall. Wall fabric design should be simple if surrounded by lots furniture. The design of the wall fabric itself can be simple or busy depending on your style and decorative accessories!

We love using fabrics on walls to make a room seem friendlier. There is a calming quality to a well-placed fabric.Also, fabrics add a texture to a wall that you just don’t

4 – Mirrors

Keep mirrors in rooms with lots of natural light but be cautious of direct sunlight. The light will bounce off the mirrors and throughout your home, which can be frustrating.

Mirrors can create the illusion of space by adding depth to a room. We always recommend placing mirrors on walls without any other art nearby

5 – Family Photos

Of course, family photos are a must! Hallways and staircases are some of the best places to keep family pictures. Movement down the hall or up the stairs creates the illusion that the pictures are telling a story, from start to finish.

You can make your family photos more cohesive by choosing similar frame sizes, a color scheme, or strategically placed pattern. Turn your blank wall into a family tree by mixing framed photos with wall decals or even acrylic paint to create the trunk of your tree!

 6 – Mural Painting

Murals are the absolute crème de la crème of wall décor, although they can be expensive. A wall mural is one of the most unique vertical decorations you can add to a room or a house. It takes a lot more work that just a picking out a piece at a gallery – you’ll have to find an artist who you like and trust.

Scout the local art galleries or speak to a local interior decorator who may be able to help and offer more wall decor tips, or maybe some personalized help!

We spoke to Orlando local mural artist Irma Kirveliene and asked her to describe how her clients use mural paintings to decorate their walls.

“A mural would be a better choice over a regular painting when a home owner has a wall where you can’t really hang paintings but still needs something. A narrow hallway is a perfect example of this type of wall. You could also put a mural on the ceiling to create a more open space. A mural can be very modern and stylish, while classic murals never go out of style. Murals can immediately bring elegance and sophistication to any home, whether grand and expensive, or small and cozy. It can be tailored to suit your style, and fit a homes architecture. Again, it’s an exceptional way to set your home apart from others.”

You can see more of Irma’s work on her Instagram page; @IrmaFaux or at her website My Faux and Murals.


[1]: Psychology Today – The Burden of Choice: Why choices wreak havoc with happiness

[2]: NYU – Restricted Choice Can Increase Creativity (pdf)

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