New American Barn Style: How Shell Homes Stand Out

We’ve all seen them- the suburbs where every home looks the same. You might even wonder how anyone could tell their home apart without the number on their mailbox. In fact, interior designers might be the only way to set them apart.

Though these types of communities continue to exist, they’ve changed to fit the needs of the market. These changes include the rise in mass market built homes, also known as pre-fabs.

Now cookie cutter may in fact be chic, something to aspire too. And it’s been taken to a new level. If pre-fabs are the old, what’s the new? Shell homes are the next big thing. They are easy to build, environmentally friendly, and cheap. Are these home kits are the next big thing?

What Are Pre-Fab Homes And Why Mass Market Built Homes?

Mass market homes are called so because they are easy and quick to build, cost efficient, and based on a model that can be easily replicated.

Remodeling an old home, barn, or other structure, often costs more than necessary. Mass market homes can often replicate the desired look more efficiently and affordably, while also allowing for certain extras or customizations.

Pre-fabricated homes are built off site and then moved into their final location. These manufactured homes are not nearly as sleek as home shells.

What is the New American Barn Style Home Shell?

The New American Barn Style Home Shell is popping up all over the country as an alternative to renovating traditional long-standing barns.

Older barns often have a lot of associated costs in renovation that aren’t always foreseen, but the dream of owning a barn style home continues to grow. This home shell offers home owners a chance at the dream, while also providing some personality what could otherwise be a standard pre-fabricated home.

Why Is An Interior Designer Needed?

Even though the options for customization are growing, these homes tend to stick to similar patterns and exterior designs. This doesn’t make it a poor choice at all, especially when interior decorating can make all the difference.

A mass market home is simply this- a home shell. They’re often the same on the outside with a similar interior. Filling that space and making it personal- so it feels less like a shell and more like a home- requires certain input and expertise. This is where interior design services come in handy.

Hear from the experts:

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