Top 11 Interior Design Secrets To Transform Your Home

For everything else, consider an interior design firm in Winter Park if you want to ensure your home is absolutely perfect.

Tip 1 – When in Doubt Try Texture

Texture is a common interior design secret used to make a dull room feel more cozy or filled, and ultimately more interesting. The easiest and most effective way to inject some texture into a room is to work with wicker. You can get that in chairs, vases, bowls, wall art – it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Tip 2 – Rule of 3

If you are ever buying anything in a set, never get more than the 3.  Any more than that and your space will look boring and more like a furniture showroom than a home. You may be thinking that this interior design trick doesn’t count with pillows, but it really does. Sure rules can be broken, but this one should be broken with care.

Tip 3 – The Golden Ratio

This next interior design secret gets it’s inspiration from an ancient rules of space found in nature. Forgot about trigonometry already? Don’t worry, so have we. The Golden Ratio sounds complicated, but we’ll explain. It is defined as follows:

Golden Ratio: two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities

What that means is that you consider how 60% of your space is being used. For example: drapes should only take up 60% of the length from the rod to the floor.

Tip 4 – Lighting Creates Atmosphere

Not all interior design tips for lighting rely on the idea that you must have lots and lots of lights lighting up a room. Though this is an easy way to make your home feel much more open, it is not always the right choice. Interior design lighting secrets include:

  • Put the spotlight on what you really like
  • Hang lights higher to make them feel larger
  • Place lights lower to the ground to make rooms feel tall
  • Page lights together in cluster to make the room feel cozy

Bulbs with higher watts tend to be brighter and whiter. Keep that in mind when you are considering the atmosphere you want to create with your lighting.

Tip 5 – Mirrors Are Illusion

This interior design idea works for inside and outside to make spaces feel much larger than they are. Even when we are aware that a mirror is just an optical illusion, it really can broaden our perspective. And we have seen some fantastic uses of mirrors in gardens where walls meet or across flower beds.

Tip 6 – Plants Make All The Difference

Flowers and plants are a great way to make your home feel natural and upscale. Plants are so good at making a home feel more comfortable for guests that its actually an old trick used for staging & interior design services for real estate agents. If you don’t have a green thumb then consider using fake plants.

Tip 7 – Decorate Your Walls

Invest in local art and local artists. We are big believers that decorating your walls with something unique and something that speaks to your style and sensibilities. Our most important wall décor tip that we hope you remember is this: Measure 60 inches from the floor and hang your art, picture, or décor at the center from that point.

Tip 8 – Don’t Settle

If you fall in love with an ornament, a piece of furniture or a pillow: then get those items! Don’t settle on anything else but that piece. Thankfully you don’t have to settle if you hire an interior design in Winter Park because they will take care of all the furniture selection for you.

Tip 9 – Establish a Color Theme

One of the most obvious non interior design secrets in the game is simply the sheer amount of planning we dedicate to interior design concept development. Don’t rush into anything! Take your time and plan out every single aspect of you home. Use colors and themes as a starting point.

Tip 10 – Paint Your Ceiling

One of the interior design secrets used in the business, especially when staging homes, it that a repainted ceiling can make a home feel much cleaner. If you choose to repaint the ceiling white, you will also benefit from the extra light that bounces off that nice pearly white ceiling.

Tip 11 – Break All The Rules

Okay, okay-we don’t mean it like that. We encourage you to break the rules once you have a grasp on most of them and you can point to the many places you follow interior design rules. WE would say for every 5 rules you follow you can break one.

For example, 2019 interior design trends point to black kitchens. This is a rule breaking because the “rule” has always been to maintain white kitchens.

Those were our top 11 interior design tips to fundamentally change your home. We hope they have been helpful!

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