Sophisticated Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Perfect for Summer Soirees

Sophisticated Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Perfect for Summer Soirees

Outdoor kitchen with a gray wooden bar area with the liquor bottles encased in a cabinet with glass doors; a natural wood table is surrounded by linen-covered chairs; ferns are featured hanging from above as well as potted on the bar and the table

Summer is here and that means fun get-togethers with family and friends. Whether it is a small gathering with a few close friends or a big BBQ for lots of people, these outdoor kitchen ideas will help you and your interior designers in Winter Park figure out the perfect design.

Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen

You don’t need an enormous space in order to have an elegant outdoor area. Building an outdoor kitchen can be easily incorporated into your existing property design with these simple outdoor kitchen ideas.

Bare Necessities

Think about the amount of space you need for food prep and storage as well as easy clean-up. Consider an outdoor kitchen grill, cooking range, outdoor kitchen islands, and cabinets to make your outdoor kitchen convenient to use and maintain.

Protect It From the Elements

Consider covered outdoor kitchen ideas to avoid soaking in rain, freezing in the snow, or melting in direct sunlight during unpredictable weather. A covered outdoor kitchen is a lifesaver during peak summer months; you can enjoy the outdoors without sunburn. Covered outdoor kitchens will save you from trying to cook and serve guests in inclement weather and make you and your guests cozy and comfortable. 

It’s all about the right color and material selection. The materials you use in your outdoor kitchen should withstand the various weather conditions in your area. The fabrics used in the space should also be weather-proofed or at least stored properly. Darker colors may fade more in direct sunlight compared to lighter colors.


The kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s not only a place to cook meals and eat but a place to gather with loved ones; this also holds true for kitchens outside. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Opt for a neutral, monochromatic color palette and focus on clean lines to tie the space together.

An L-shaped bar design maximizes the use of the space with an outdoor kitchen range along one side and a prep area on the other. The bottom can be used to store cooking equipment, utensils, outdoor dishware, or maybe even a mini fridge for beverages.

What’s the point of cooking outside if you’re not entertaining outside? Choose outdoor furniture in the same color palette and clean lines to match the aesthetic of the outdoor kitchen as long as it can survive the weather conditions in your area. 

A Kitchen Made of Stone

One of the most gorgeous outdoor kitchen ideas is to utilize stone. A stone fireplace and grill station would look beautiful in a lush setting and make you and your guests feel like you’re in a tropical oasis. Contrast the rigid stone with soft textures such as linens and cushions in the seating area.

Take Advantage Of The Garden

Building an outdoor kitchen next to your garden can enhance your summer soirees and celebrations. The flowers are the perfect backdrop to your outdoor space while herbs and vegetables are easily accessible while you’re cooking. Imagine a homecooked meal made with homegrown ingredients surrounded by the people you most care about under a summer evening sky.

Decked Out Outdoor Kitchen

It might be hard to visualize outdoor kitchen ideas in the wide open space of the backyard with no clearly defined areas or zones. This might be the perfect opportunity to build a deck on which to incorporate an outdoor kitchen.

Take your outdoor kitchen ideas and home renovation designs to the next level with the help of professional interior (and exterior!) designers.

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