2021 Thanksgiving Home Decor Trends

2021 Thanksgiving Home Decor Trends

Thanksgiving table decor in black, white, and green

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the fall harvest season as well as an opportunity to express your gratitude for everything that you have as well as the relationships you value. It’s one of the few holidays that focuses more on spending time together–both preparing for and actually enjoying a meal–than gifts, parties, and spectacle. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t indulge in a few Thanksgiving home decor trends our professional interior designers suggest to ensure your home feels inviting and your holiday table looks fantastic.

Festivities Start at the Door

Start the festivities right at the door and welcome guests with a gorgeous wreath featuring seasonal blooms, leaves, or gourds. A hand-lettered sign on a chalkboard with a welcome message or a cute autumn pun is another Thanksgiving home decor trend that can liven up your doorstep.

While there are beautiful Thanksgiving decorations available in stores, consider handmade items from small shops or even opt to make or customize a few of them yourself for something extra special.

Keep It Simple

For your Thanksgiving table decor, keeping it simple is the key. Refrain from an overwhelming tablescape with too many components, especially if you plan to arrange the Thanksgiving feast directly on the table.

Lean into that sense of home with color and material selection, choosing seasonal colors such as warm browns, burnt oranges, and deep reds. Alternatively, choose a color palette with forest greens and midnight blues mixed with neutrals in order to highlight the delicious dishes spread across a patterned table runner. 

In addition to decorating your home with fall colors, enjoy the comfort of your home in the company of family and friends with a few basic pieces like a soft blanket and throw pillows to keep it cozy and warm.

Classic Wares

As Halloween and Christmas dominate retail during the holiday seasons, finding specific Thanksgiving table decor might be a bit more of a challenge, especially with a smaller shopping window and fewer options. Even so, perhaps you don’t want a whole separate set of serveware or dishes just for Thanksgiving. In any case, you can use what you have to create a wonderful Thanksgiving tablescape.

There’s something to be said for classic, timeless pieces; after all, they are classic for a reason. Use simple baking dishes and plates for your Thanksgiving fare to let the food shine. Beautiful linen napkins artfully folded cinched with decorative napkin rings give your Thanksgiving table that extra touch.

You can always add festive details such as a plaid tablecloth, rustic charger plates or placemats, or a pumpkin centerpiece decorated with autumn blooms or painted in glitter for a little sparkle.

Light & Warmth

A fireplace mantel is also a great space to string a festive and tasteful garland, light candles, or sprinkle some autumn leaves.

If the weather’s cool, light a fire in the fireplace if you have one or head outdoors and sit around a fire pit. There are numerous options available from small, tabletop options for small-space dwellers and large fire pits for backyards to lovely DIY creations that are more intricate. As a source of warmth and light, it’s a great place to gather with loved ones and relax after a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

Gratitude Sign

Expressing gratitude will never go out of style, and neither will putting it on display as a reminder of what Thanksgiving is about. There are countless ways to display a message of gratitude or being thankful such as a chalkboard sign, a wooden plaque, a metal cutout, and more. In keeping with the general themes of the holiday, a custom cutting board with the family name and a thankful message engraved into it would make a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving table decor.

Explore New Thanksgiving Home Decor Trends

Thanksgiving is steeped in family traditions, but you can always explore different ways to decorate for Thanksgiving this year. If you are tired of orange, brown, and black, you can always try other colors such as jewel tones. Instead of seasonal flowers and pumpkins, opt for large candles and a cornucopia full of seasonal fruits in your Thanksgiving home decor as you’re decorating the dining room or styling a coffee table.

Your home should be warm, inviting, and comfortable, not only for Thanksgiving but year-round. As a professional interior design firm in Orlando, we transform your home into a place where loved ones can gather, enjoy each other’s company, and be grateful for life’s joys. To learn more about the interior design services we offer, contact our team.

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