7 Unique Places to Buy Home Décor & Accessories

7 Unique Places to Buy Home Décor & Accessories

This article is for the decorator or homeowner who likes the completely unique. The person who wants to find unique places to buy home décor, accessories, and home goods that no one else has and that they can show off to guests who will be dying to know where they got that vase!

Yes, you can go over to Marshalls, Kirkland’s, Pier 1, and even Hobby Lobby to get some great home décor and home goods for decent prices. But there is one thing you cannot get at those home goods stores: completely unique character. And that is not a knock at the décor those stores offer, not at all. We still love to shop at the usual home goods stores, and we find that it is how you decorate that can make all the difference. That’s something all interior designers know!

But if you are looking for unique places to buy home décor and accessories, places to pick up items that are original, unique, beautiful, full of stories and history, or even just downright special, well then you have to know where to look.

[7] Your Own Backyard

Hey, that’s cheating! How can we include your own home as one of the unique places to buy home décor? That doesn’t make sense.

We sure you’re not buying it, but we did want to add your home to the list, because the truth is, many of us have lots of really great, unique, and special home accessories that we have either locked up in storage or got bored with.

There is no better way to make a piece of furniture unique than by doing something to it that is uniquely you. So dust of that old lamp, pull those holiday decorations out of the garage and get to work creating something that is unique to you and your family.

Pro Tip: start by creating memories, it’s always easier to get the creative juices going when it means something to you.

[6] Yard Sales (Someone Else’s Backyard)

When you’re done looking in your own backyard, you can check someone else’s. Garage sales are the BEST way to find some really unique home goods.

If you don’t want to ride around looking, check out YardSearch.comYard Sale Search App, or even Craigslist. There are lots of great apps dedicated to finding yard sales so don’t give up and check often.

Pro Tip: it’s always fun to browse, but we find it’s best to go to a yard sale with something in mind. Think about it in broad terms: we need new lighting, we need wall art, we need something to make that safe pop. If you don’t have something in mind, you might leave feeling like you accomplished nothing!

[5] Public Auctions

Public auctions can be hit or miss, but you can really find some interesting things here. Auctions can be a great way to get a lot of more expensive furniture or home goods for cheaper. But there are always usually a few pros there that will bid you up so be careful and stick to a budget. Be sure to understand your own interior design concept as a whole before you commit to buying large items.

And wouldn’t ya know it, there are PublicAuctionFinder.com and AuctionZip.com to help out.

[4] eBay (Online)

Public auctions are the in-person version of eBay.

Though eBay is not a groundbreaking or one of the most unique places to buy home décor, we believe that it can be overlooked by some. It’s easy, it’s at your fingertips and you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your living room couch.

[3] Everything But the House (Online)

While we are talking about doing your home good shopping online, you have to check out Everything But the House.

There are auctions just like eBay but these are curated and made specifically for home goods, accessories, art, and décor.

It is easy to go down a perpetual rabbit hole on this site. It is a fantastic place to get great deals on unique items that you are just not going to see everything. Search by the estate of by product category.

[2] The Little Market (Online)

You have probably heard of Etsy, right? Well, The Little Market is the same kind of site, but dedicated to home goods, décor, and all things interior design.

The Little Market sells items produced exclusively by women, from around the world. You could be shopping for beautiful hand-woven baskets from Kenya or embroidery from Kansas. The Little Market combines all the most unique places to buy home décor into one website and the handmade quality is incredible.

[1] Your Local Flea Market / Antique Store

We are big believers in supporting local businesses and promoting local artists and tradespersons. It is up to us to bring back our love for our own community and so we are ending our list as we started it, but cheating just a little…

We don’t have a particular spot to recommend, but we hope that you find the places in your area that bring together local artists and you buy from them directly. Support your local tradesperson!


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