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Nancy Meyers kitchen inspiration fromt he movie The Intern featuring blue cabinets, subway tile backsplash, open shelving, and a large island with a white countertop

Nancy Meyers Kitchen Inspiration

No home is complete without a kitchen. It is the most important part of the home where the magic of preparing family meals happens. It is where bonding, sharing, and communication happen. Nothing embodies that more than a Nancy Meyers kitchen, the ones famously featured in her movies. Whether you are working with new construction […]
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interior design ideas for your condo in Florida featuring a white living room with a light gray couch and a bright yellow console table

3 Interior Design Ideas for Your Condo in Florida

The demand for condo units is expected as more people are projected to live in urban cities due to their proximity to commercial centers, business districts, cultural variety, and other opportunities. Transform your ordinary four-wall property into that home you’ve always dreamed of. There are numerous interior design ideas for your condo in Florida to […]
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interior design tips implemented in a dark blue living room with a semi-round couch, metal coffee table, and an accent chair

Interior Design Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Do interior design time machines exist? If they do, they probably look great, let’s be honest. Sometimes we wish we could go back and learn a few interior design tricks a little sooner.  Although time is the best teacher, sometimes, it’s good to just fast forward to the real tips that only interior designers know.  […]
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resurgence of wallpaper in a tropical plant print combined with green chairs in front of a large window

The Resurgence of Wallpaper: From Closets to Ceilings, Finding Fresh Ways to Use Wallpaper

Decorating improves the aesthetics of a specific space, making it more beautiful and functional. In the last several years, there’s been a resurgence of wallpaper to make things more exciting. These days, there are countless wallpaper patterns from classic to modern designs and everything in between. Selections range from bold graphics and patterns to nature-inspired […]
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green office space with white and wood accents demonstrating how interior design improves daily life

How Interior Design Improves Daily Life

Just like fashion, the environment around us influences our mood, attitude, emotions, and energy levels while expressing our personality. Interior design improves daily life by making you feel good in a space not only because the aesthetics are beautiful but through strategic choices that create the appropriate environment for the function of a space. Interior […]
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19th-century interior design in The Gilded Age tv show

The Gilded Age: HBO’s New Show Is Giving Us a Peek Into 19th-Century Interior Design

If you’re a fan of good drama set in the most lavish backdrops, then you’ve probably been following The Gilded Age, HBO’s newest period drama that premiered on January 24. Created by Fitzrovia and Downtown Abbey genius Julian Fellowes, this story follows the lives of different characters across high society in New York during the […]
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