Author: Zulu Shack

How to Incorporate Florida's Natural Beauty into Your Orlando Home Design

How to Incorporate Florida’s Natural Beauty into Your Orlando Home Design

Wolfe-Rizor Interiors has been the premier interior designer in Winter Park for more than 25 years. And in all that time, we have come to understand the importance of incorporating nature into our living spaces. What’s more Floridian than blurring the line between nature and interior design? Florida’s natural beauty is truly unparalleled, boasting an […]
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difference between modern and contemporary design styles

What’s The Difference Between Modern vs Contemporary Interior Design Styles?

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, there are many different styles to choose from. Two of the most popular interior styles today are Modern and Contemporary. But the words themselves sounds like they are describing the same thing. Aren’t modern and contemporary just synonyms? The truth is, these two interior design […]
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How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

The living room is arguably an essential part of the house. It is where families spend a considerable amount of time bonding. It is also the area you entertain your loved ones and guests. Being the receiving area for visitors, the living room should be decorated with things homeowners love. In addition, the space shall […]
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